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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2sat_5.txt

Modification for Icom 2SAT



-Remove the back cover as per instuctions on page 34 of your
       :   /       :
       :  /        :
        o        o

-as indicated by the drawing one diode has to be added to
 complete the modification
-Beside the lower right corner of the Main IC, there are 3 chip
 resistors. Just to the right of the resistors, you can see 3
 silk screened dots surrounded by a portion of a rectangle where
 a factory diode package would have been. The new diode (1N914 or
 whatever you care to use) is placed with the cathode (band) to
 the top dot and anode to the lower left dot.
-This completes the mod. The HT will now transmit throughout the
 150-160 MHz range.

I have completed this mod and on my 2SAT and it and it works
well. The components are very small and the soldering has to be
precise, BE CAREFUL!!!

Thanks to KE4NS, VE3MF and N5EPR

73 Don.....VE3COE


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