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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2sat_4.txt

Modification for Icom 2SAT



                        136-250 MHz FM (with a few missing spots)

To activate this feature you must remove a diode from inside the radio.  If
your IC2SAT is very new, the a diode may have already been taken taken out at
the factory, otherwise you must take the diode out yourself. 

The first step is to take the radio apart by taking out the 2 long screws on
the back by the PTT, and 1 short screw on the wrist strap loop. On the plate
where the battery slides on, undo the 2 countersunk screws. The radio opens
like a book with the hinge near the PTT.  Just behind the PTT button is a glass
diode mounted on a little board.  Remove this diode, if it's not already

You will probably have to enable the wide receive by holding the LIGHT, the
letter B aqnd the "#" button while turning on the radio. If done right, the
display will show all its segments, then be as normal.

NOTE: You might try the button sequence first, just in case the diode has
already been removed.

(This is a copy of a letter received from Icom Canada. The mod was done to my
IC2SAT and the mod works as shown)

73 Don.....VE3COE

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