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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2at_2.txt

Icom 2A/3A/O2AT mods

5. solder a store bought 1n914 or 1n4148 diode from the top
   pad to the bottom left pad of d4. you will need to bend
   and cut the leads of the diode and pre-tin with solder.
   bend the leads of the diode so that the body of the
   diode lays across the bottom right pad covering it up.
   the banded end of the the diode should be facing down
   towards mhe bottom right pad.

now you are ready to follow steps 7 to 13 and the rest of the
instructions in the article. the only difference you will find
is that a letter "u" will flash to indicate unlocked instead
of the entire display flashing.   gud luck and enjoy the fruits
of you labor.    if you are unable to locate the article pls
send sase to: ka1ghf
              po box 1397
              leominster, mass 01453

73's de ka1ghf "peter"   RELAYED  BY...N0KGX...GENE

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