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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic2at_1.txt

Icom 2A/3A/O2AT mods


icom 02at mod  140-163 mhz

a. locate a copy of the june 1986 issue of 73 mag.
a. locate a copy of the june 1986 issue of 73 mag.

b. the article on pg. 60 is for models with id numbers
   lower than 35,000.  if yours is one of the newer
   models like mine.....  then follow these changes:

1. read the entire article b-4 doing anything!!!

2. follow steps 1 to 3  on pg. 61 "modify ur 02at"
   then s t o p !   refer to fig.2 on pg. 60 and remember
   the diodes on urs are in different locations than in
   the pix.

3. using a very small flat blade iron and some solder wick
   remove the the three leg diode  d2     notice that the
   numbering for d1,d2,d3,d4  are off to the left of the
   actual location of the diodes on the board.

4. resolder d2  down in position d5  try to use the solder
   on the pads.. only add solder to the pads if absolutely
   necessary, b-4 you put the diode in place to avoid

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