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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic27.txt

Audio fix for Icom IC-27,37,47

AUDIO FIX FOR IC-27, 37, 47
Ed Richley KD9KZ fo Naples, FL has a very good article on
improving the audio treble and output power for these popular
mobile radios.  Capacitor C-67, from .01 to .00 uf and
Resistor R-31, from 150 ohm to 270 ohm, are the components
that are changed in the IC-27A two meter model and some
comparison to the 220 and 440 schematic should show if these
are the same parts in all three rigs.  So for more details
see Ham Radio Page 61 for Feb. 1986 and improve the one
complaint about this model.  I will do mine when time allows.
           RELAYED  BY...N0KGX...GENE

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