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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic24at_9.txt

Mod for Icom 24at


The IC-24AT can also function as a Mini Repeater transmitting on
the UHF band while simultaneously receiving on the VHF band, or
vice versa. This procedure requires both a small hardware as well
as a software modification, and is performed as follows;
   o Locate diode D14. It is located adjacent to the location for
     diode D13 (see above procedure). Clip or remove it.
   o To enable Mini Repeater operation 
          1. Push and hold the "Function" key and then the "C"   
          2. Push and hold the "Function" key and then the "5"   
             key and the "D" key.
   o To cancel the Mini Repeater operation, push and hold the
     "Function" key and then push the "D" key.

The above modifications provided the following capabilities with
my particular unit.
                       FREQUENCY COVERAGE
     RECEIVE                                 TRANSMIT
74.9 Mhz. - 127.9 Mhz.                         OFF
138.0 Mhz. - 168.0 MHz.                 138.0 Mhz. - 159.0 Mhz.
174.1 Mhz. - 189.69 Mhz.                       OFF
200.0 Mhz. - 287.22 Mhz.                       OFF
310.0 Mhz. - 349.0 Mhz.                        OFF
355.0 Mhz. - 409.98 Mhz.                       OFF
412.37 Mhz. - 498.0 Mhz.                 410.5 Mhz. - 470.0 Mhz.
792.85 Mhz. - 966.66 Mhz.                      OFF

Receive sensitivity throughout both of the Ham bands was better
than .5 of a microvolt. Sensitivity in the 200 Mhz. range was a
disappointing 1 millivolt and in the 800 Mhz. band a good .7 of a
microvolt. Remember, while the unit will receive on those
frequencies, it is illegal to monitor cellular telephone

Good luck with your unit.

Joe Taylor, W9JO

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