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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic24at_8.txt

Mod for Icom 24at


     The modification of the unit to enable it to transmit out of
the amateur bands is a fairly simple procedure. It is however,
complicated by the fact that the construction technique used in
this transceiver is "Surface Mounted Technology."  If you have no
experience dealing with this technology, you may well be better
advised to defer this procedure to someone who has.  It is
extremely small and delicate, and is best done with specialized
equipment.  Also, because the unit may not be FCC type accepted
for all the frequencies on which it can then transmit, it may not
be legal for you to use it, despite the fact you may be licensed
to transmit on those frequencies.  This information is provided
only for those who are licensed for and want to use the unit on
MARS and CAP frequencies, where there are no type acceptance
restrictions.  The procedure is as follows;
   o Order a couple of DA204u diodes from Icom or your Icom
     dealer. These are a special three terminal device with two
     diode in one package.  They are very very small, about half
     the size of one of the key buttons on the touch tone pad.
   o Locate and remove the diode device in position D8
   o Locate the vacant position of diode D7 and attach one of the
     DA204u diodes at that location.
   o Locate the vacant position of diode D12 and attach the other
     DA204u diode at that position.
   o If diode D13 (procedure above) has not been removed, remove
The unit will now transmit out of the amateur bands. 

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