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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic24at_7.txt

Mod for Icom 24at



     The Icom IC-24AT is truly a remarkable unit.  Having it's
genesis in the IC-R1, Icom's extremely wide band Hand Held
Receiver, it is capable of receiving a wide range of frequencies,
as well as being able to transmit on short excursions, outside of
the amateur two meter and 440 MHZ. bands.

     The more current models can be modified to receive out of
band, by a simple software (not necessary to physically open the
transceiver) procedure as follows;
   o Turn the power switch off.  While simultaneously holding the
     "light" button, the "B" button, and the "#" button, turn the
     radio on. All elements of the display will light up. 
     Continue holding the buttons until the display goes out. It
     may be helpful to have a buddy give you an extra hand during
     this procedure....Your unit will now receive out of band.
The older models of this transceiver, require the removal of
diode D13, before performing the above procedure.  D13 is on the
main logic board and is a discreet diode near the center of 
the board.  It is the diode on the left of the two on the board
when the radio is open and held with the controls away from you. 

     The "stock" transceiver, was also not designed, to provide
full direct keyboard entry of the operating frequency.  This can
also be modified by one or both of the two procedures below;
   o To directly key in the 10Mhz. frequency, simultaneously hold
     the "light" button and the "2" button, while turning the
     radio on.
   o To directly key in the 100Mhz. frequency, simultaneously
     hold the "light" button and the "3" button, while turning
     the radio on.

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