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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic24at_4.txt

Mod for Icom 24at

Subject: ICOM IC24AT keyboard command summary 

This is an attempt to document all of the known key sequences for the ICO
IC24AT (144/440MHz dual band hand held).  Some key sequences may be common
with the IC[2,3,4]SAT, therefore a fewkey seqences fr thoseradios re also
on this list. Some ke sequenes requre optins (such as the PL encode/decode

This is not designed to replace the owners manual, but to summarize the
information in one place.

Note: Many controls vary depending on the current mode, i.e.: Scan up/down
will search frequencies when in VFO mode, and will scan meory channels when
in Memory mode. Consult the owners guide for complete iformation.

KEY/COMBINATION = Result, action
----------------  -------------------------------------------------------------

0-9,A,B,C,D,#,* = note: when transmitting these will generate DTMF tones
0-9             = Enter frequency (can also use the VFO knob)
A               = VFO mode / clear incomplete entry
B               = Memory mode
C               = VHF / UHF change
D               = Call channel
*               = Step frequency down/scan down
#               = Step frequency up/scan up
MONI            = Open squelch and change to input frequency (if not simplex)
                  while button is depressed
H/L/DTMF        = Select High/Low power, or (while transmitting) send
                  preprogrammed DTMF codes
FUNC + 0        = Dial set
FUNC + 1        = PL enable (when option is installed)
FUNC + 2        = Code squelch [NOT for the IC24AT, IC[2,3,4]SAT option only]
FUNC + 3        = Skip memory
FUNC + 4        = Duplexoperatin
FUNC + 5        = Code [NOT for the IC24AT, IC[2,3,4]SAT option only]
FUNC + 6        = Mask freuency

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