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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic24at.txt

Mod for Icom 24at


There is a later version of IC24AT that does not require
D13 as in a previous bulletin. 
All programming of extended frequency coverage is available
from the keyboard.

To Enable extended freq coverage - 75 to 195, 200 to over 900 Mhz.
Hold down Light,  and B and turn on, wait for display to stop.
To enable 10 and 100 Mhz digit entry direct from keyboard:
Hold down light and 2 key and turn on, then turn off.
Hold down light and 3 key and turn on. 
Gud luck @ 73 Ron, N5WX

note from kc6hue @ ki6we:

I down loaded from your mods database ic24at. It stated that in order
to receive more, hold down light, b, and turn on. I did this and it
did not work. I contacted HRO and you need another key held down.
The # key must also be pressed... My radio now works...

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