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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic228_1.txt

Icom IC228 Mods


 Model:         IC-228
 Division:      Amateur
 Note:          This service bulletin is meant for technical per-
                sonnel with experience working on solid state com-
                munications equipment.  Damage caused by im-
                properly installing this modification may cause
                ICOM to charge for subsequent repairs to the
                product.  ICOM does not warrant this modification.
 Bulletin #:    13889-002
 Date:          May 1, 1989
 Subject:       "Dampened" S-meter response at low ambient tem-
  1.  Replace the following components on the Main Board.
                Original       New            ICOM
      Part      Value          Value          P/N
      R33       15K            8.2K           915-01112
      C8        120pf 50V      39pf 50V       918-01643
 Bulletin #:    13888-001
 Date:          May 17, 1988
 Subject:       Some radios may not maintain programmed memory
 Information:   There is a solder bridge that is missing to com-
                plete the lithium battery circuit to maintain
      Write to ICOM's customer service department for a copy of
      this service bulletin.

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