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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic228.txt

Icom IC228 Mods


I have the mod info from ICOM.  It is best to have the diagram in 
front of you when performing the mod, but for the bold ones, here goes:
There are three PC boards in the rig.   The TX and RX boards are on the
top and bottom of the rig.   The logic board is behind the front panel, and
the LCD display and front panel switches are mounted on it.  It is the
logic board which will be the object of your surgery.
1. Remove D-19  
2. Install D-7 - (Type 1SS193)
D 7 should have three terminals, but only one is used.
It looks something like this:
             | C
      |    /     |         There is no connection to the terminal on the
      |   /      |         lower right.   The Cathode of a 1N914 diode
       -----------         Can be connected to the upper terminal, and
        A|    |            the Anode to the lower left. (as indicated by
                           the C and A.
In locating the positions of D-19 and D-7,  reference the lithium battery.
D-19 is at the 1 O'clock position near the edge of the board, and
D-7 is at 2 O'Clock and adjacent to the battery.

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