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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic10_6.txt

Kenwood TS-440 Computer Interfacing


                Split (ON/OFF)
                The Split Status Will be Selected
                        Where   n = 0 for Split OFF
                                    1 for Split ON

                Radio Will Enter Transmit Mode   (PTT Depressed)

                The Frequency or Memory Channel
                Will Increment One Step

                Voice Recall
                The Frequency Will Be Spoken (*)

                XIT (ON/OFF)
                The XIT Function Will be Selected
                        Where   n = 0 for XIT OFF
                                    1 for XIT ON

                (Note: XIT is Co-Affected by the RC, RD and RU Commands)

(*)  Denotes this Command or Function has not been Tested.

     These additional Kenwood Commands do not apply to the TS-440 and
as such were not defined;  but are used in one or more of the other
models and are presented here for your experimentation.

AT      Antenna Tuner (Standby)
DI      DCL ID (Readout of Callsign)
DS      DCL System (On/Off)
HD      Scan Hold
LO      Local (TS-940 : Remote control of SLOPE, TUNE, VBT)
MS      Memory Scan
OS      Offset
SH      Slope Tune High
SL      Slope Tune Low
ST      Step
TN      Tone Number (SubTone)
TO      Tone (SubTone On/Off)
VB      VBT

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