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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic10_2.txt

Kenwood TS-440 Computer Interfacing


  The IF-232 Interface from Kenwood is a 1488 and a 1489 chip
in a box.  These are an RS-232 Quad Line Driver and Receiver
and are available at Radio Shack for $1.29 Each.  Here is an
easy project that will save you a lot over the $69+ Kenwood price 
of the IF-232 Interface.  The 1488 needs a + and - supply.
Unregulated + and - 12vdc is just fine. Get the +5 vdc for the
1489 by putting a 7805 regulator on the +12 vdc supply.  100 ma.
is about the max you'll draw, so the smallest transformer you
can find will still be plenty large.  Don't forget to series up
two of each gate to cancel the inversion that the 1480's produce.

ACC-1  Connector                  Use a 6 Pin DIN Connector.
                                         (Radio Shack $1.29)
Pin     Signal  Comments

1       Gnd     Signal Ground
2       TXD     Serial Data from Radio to Computer
3       RXD     Serial Data from Computer to Radio
4       CTS     Computer Ready;  (Radio Input)
5       RTS     Radio Ready;    (Radio Output)
6               No Connection

Pins 4 and 5 may be left Unconnected.

***** Command Description for Kenwood Computer Interface *****

                Auto Information
                The Radio Will Send the Status Info Automatically
                Whenever the Operator Manually Varies any Function
                on the Radio which is Covered in the IF; Command
                        Where   n = 0 for Auto Info OFF
                                    1 for Auto Info On

                The Status Information Will be Sent in the Form :
                        As defined in the IF; Command

                Display Memory
                This is a Factory Diagnostic Function
                and is of no practical use to the operator

                The Contents of the MPU Memory will be Read
                        Where   nnnn = MPU Address (0000 Thru FFFF (HEX))

                The Contents of the MPU Memory Will be Sent in the Form :
                        Where   nnnn = MPU Address (0000 Thru FFFF (HEX))
                              aa~~kk = Hex Number Pairs Of Next 16 Locations

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