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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic10_1.txt

Kenwood TS-440 Computer Interfacing


Kenwood Computer Interface Instructions

     These Instructions are TS-440 specific, but the basics also
apply to the TS-940, TS-811 and TS-711.

     It is possible to save yourself a few dollars and lose nothing
in quality by buying the parts to upgrade your Kenwood radio for
computer control. Just purchase the parts were you find them and
install them using the instructions in the Radio's Manual.

     IC 54 is a uPD-8251-AC   Serial Communications Interface.
                Commonly called an 8251A    ($1.89 Mail Order)
     IC 55 is a TC-4040-BP    12 Stage CMOS Divider.
                Commonly called a 4040      ($0.69 Mail Order)

     The IC-10 Interface Kit from Kenwood Contains ONLY these two parts
and less instructions than are in this file.  The only thing you are
going to miss, is the $22+ price tag on the IC-10 Kit.

 Signals are    TTL levels  (NOT RS-232)
Baud rate is    4800 (1200 Opt.)
   Format is    ASCII Serial;  1 Start, 8 Data, 2 Stops

   The Baud rate may be changed to 1200 Baud by removing jumper W50
and installing a jumper from the left pad to the center pad as viewed
from the front of the radio.  This will become obvious once you have
the radio opened up.  Many other Baud rates are possible, just look
at the schematic.

     As long as you are in the radio, lift D-60 to enable the
10 Hz. display.  The main tuning knob is varing this digit, so
you might as well see it.  It also helps when using RIT/XIT as
the RIT/XIT display does not resolve the 0.01 KHz. digit.  This 
Modification is in the Radio's Book.

     Not in the book is the fact that if you lift D-80 and do
an MPU reset, you will be able to transmit on any frequency
between 1.5 and 30.0 MHz.  This means you will be able to 
work the Mars nets, Etc.  Do not transmit out of band.  It is
illegal even if it is accidental.

     Some computers use TTL levels on their serial ports.  If so,
here is a time when you will not have to convert it to RS-232.

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