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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic04at_3.txt

Modification 1 for Icom 04at Handheld


(IC-O2AT, IC-O4AT, IC-751, IC-720
Of course, in an emergency, anyone may use any type of
frequency to attract attention.  The emergency must be life-
threatening or pertain to "immediate protection of property"
before one would resort to using frequencies outside of the
ham band.  For mariners, the United States Coast Guard works
closely with the high seas marine radio telephone service
that is easily accessed via a geral coverage ham set modified
to transmit on general coverage marine telephone channels at
4, 6, 12, 16, and 22 MHz.  However, using ham radio equipment
on telephone channels for routine phone calls is not allowed.
Even though you may have a ship radio telephone license that
allows you the use of marine telephone channels the license
only allows Part 81 and Part 83 type-accepted equipment to be
used for transmitting purposes - and again, Amaeur Radios
don't meet this type acceptance.  Let me put it bluntly - if
you get caught using ham radio equipment on frequencies that
you're not authorized to use, you could lose your license and
might also face stiff fine or imprisonment.  Before even
contemplating making any modification to your equipment,
weigh carefully the consequences of operating on frequencies
outside of your license category.


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