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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic04at_1.txt

Modification 1 for Icom 04at Handheld


1.  On the logic matrix, remove D402.

2.  Add D402, D403 and D404 with the cathode at 4 o'clock and the anode at 12
o'clock. (You may use any signal diode such as 1N914)

3.  Add D405 with the cathode at 8 o'clock and the anode at 12 o'clock.

4.  If you have a newer 04AT, the VCO cover will have holes in it that
allow access to the tuning coils.  If you have an older 04AT you will
have to cut a hole in the VCO cover using a pair of small diagonals (be

5.  Retune the VCO to cover your desired frequency spread.  My 04AT goes from
441 to 473 MHz, which is pretty good.

6.  Any frequency may be entered directly on the keypad (starting with the 10
MHz digit).


 ***->Be careful not to transmit out-of-band, or accidentally operate on
      any non-amateur, unless you are authorized to do so.

                        DO NOT JEOPARDIZE YOUR LICENSE!

                       RELAYED  BY...N0KGX..GENE


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