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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ic02at_9.txt

Modification for Icom 02at #9

If you own one of the IC2A, 3A, or O2AT series Hand-helds, you may be
interested in reading on.  I know my hearing is pretty good, but have you ever
tried to listen to the audio coming out of your speaker mike on the above
ICOM's? For the most part, it's pretty low.  I may be the last guy to figure
out a cure for this, but here it is anyway.  On the O2AT,etc., there is a
groove on the back near the top of the rig that is just the right size to
accept the HM9 speaker mike turned 90 degrees so that the mike plug fits in
that groove in the rear of the rig.  Thus allowing all the audio to be heard
from the internal speaker of the rig, usually much better than the speaker
mike.  Now, in the case of the 2A series, etc., the fix is more complex.
These rigs don't have that handy groove built in, so I decided a groove had to
be made to accept this configuration.  I thought long and hard about a minute,
before getting the "Dremel" out and making my own slot or groove.  It works
well on both hand-helds I have.  In fact,you can hook up an external speaker
for even more loudness in the auto.  So, give it a try or see me for a demo.

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