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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ham039.txt

Secret Service Frequencies


                           SECRET SERVICE FREQUENCIES
                                    DATA LINE

     The Secret Service, a branch of the Treasure, is responsible for enforce-
ment of laws realting to US currency and negotiable instruments (e.g.  bonds
and postage stamps) in addition to providing security for the Executive
Branch.  They have offices in most cities with a population of over 30
thousand or so.
     Most communications is "in the clear,"  although digital voice encryption
has shown up in the larger cities and will continue to spread.  Agents use
their last name in initiating contact; for example "flahrety, Flahrety, St.
Louis Base."  Or, when a dignitary is in town, "Flahrety, Flahrety, Command
Post."  Few code words are used.  "Rawhide" is the President, "Rainbow" is the
First Lady, "Snowstorm" is the Vice President.  These will change from time to
time, but are easy to figure out.  Following is an alphabetical list of the
frequencies in use around the nation.  for daily use, stick with Charlie (165.
375).  When the President comes to town, plug in all you have room for.

Channel    Freq.   Use

Alpha     165.235  Repeats 166.435
Baker     165.7875 Escort channel
Charlie   165.375  Primary
Delta     169.925
Echo      407.85
Fox       415.7    Repeats Echo
Golf      166.4    Input to Charlie
Hotel     166.2125 Repeater
India     407.925  Treasury guards
Juliet    ???
Kilo      167.825  Mobile
Lima      168.79   "
Mike      165.2125 Visiting dignitaries
November  167.025  Radio technicians
Oscar     164.8875 Presidential staff
Papa      164.4    Input to Mike
Quebec    166.7
Romeo     ???
Sierra    166.5125 Executive Secretary
Tango     164.65   Repeater
Uniform   414.95
Victor    164.1
Whiskey   ???
X-ray     166.4625
Yankee    162.69   Repeater
Zulu      171.29

     The following are unnamed SECSERV channels and may be useless.

163.81          165.685
164.75          165.9
165.675         166.615
168.45          168.4

     Try some of them next time Ronnie pays a visit.  Remember, the motorcades
are the responsibilities of local departments and the Highway Patrol/State
Police.  If Secret Service comes up with stuff like "Passing point 4", listen
to the locals and they'll spell it out in plain words.

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