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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ham028.txt

Modifying the kenwood tr2600a

This file is on a new handheld ham radio that has the capabilities
of transmiting on the business band right above the 2 meter ham band.
The radio is only supposed to transmit between 144-148 MHZ.  But
Kennwood has made it extremly easy to modify this little beast to
ng really productive.  The Model # of this radio is the
TR2600A. I call it the 2600 for short.  I have found this to be
one of the finest investments of the year.  Anyway, on to the modification.
1.First remove the 3 small screws on the back of the casing.
2.Next remove the 2 large screws on the sides toward the top.
3.Remove the battery on the bottom and notice the 4 screws on the outer
most corners.  Remove them.  Don't remove any other screws off the bottom.
4.Next remove the plastic casing.  Be very careful not to loose the TX button.
5.Look carefully at the metal skeleton.  Locate the side with the S meter.
  That is the side you want.
6.After you have done that locate chip #5087 right at the bottom.  Right
next to that chip will be a line diodes.  That is what you want.
7. This the most important part.  There are 2 diodes nearest to pin 16
   on the chip.  The 2 that begin the line of diodes.
8.If you look at them carefully you will notice that they have been clipped
and resoldiered back together.  Just desolder them and you will have your
transcevier.  Be careful not to get the diode directly above the line
of diodes confused with one you should desoldier.  It should be clearly
seperated from the line.
Well i can honestly say you have a fun time with all the rad stuff on
the business band.  Some police have allocated frequencies on that band.
Have Phun.
    The Black Manta

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