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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ham014.txt

Am stereo directory

 This is a list of all known AM Stereo Stations in the US, as
of 28 June 1985.  The original list was reprinted with 
permission from the Research and Planning Department of the 
National Association of Broadcasters.  The original material 
contained in this file is Copyright 1985 by the National 
Association of Broadcasters, All rights Reserved.

                     AM Stereo Stations

  Station   City           State     Frequency     System
  _______   ____           _____     _________     ___________

  WJMW      Athens         AL         770 kHz      Harris
  WASG      Atmore         AL        1140 kHz      Motorola
  WATV      Birmingham     AL         900 kHz      Kahn
  WSGN      Birmingham     AL         610 kHz      Kahn
  WMSL      Decatur        AL        1400 kHz      Harris
  WOOF      Dothan         AL         560 kHz      Harris
  WXOR      Florence       AL        1340 kHz      Harris
  WKFX      Gadsden        AL         930 kHz      Motorola
  WAAY      Huntsville     AL        1550 kHz      Kahn
  WARF      Jasper         AL        1240 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WLAY      Muscle Shoals  AL        1450 kHz      Harris
  WACT      Tuscaloosa     AL        1420 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WJRD      Tuscaloosa     AL        1150 kHz      Motorola
  KFQD      Anchorage      AK         750 kHz      Kahn
  KCBF      Fairbanks      AK         820 kHz      Harris
  KOY       Phoenix        AZ         550 kHz      Kahn
  KNIX      Tempe          AZ        1580 kHz      Motorola
  KAIR      Tucson         AZ        1490 kHz      Harris
  KELD      El Dorado      AR        1400 kHz      Harris
  KFAY      Fayetteville   AR        1250 kHz      Motorola
  KLRA      Little Rock    AR        1010 kHz      Harris
  KNWZ      Anaheim        CA        1190 kHz      Harris
  KUZZ      Bakersfield    CA         970 kHz      Motorola
  KWRM      Corona         CA        1370 kHz      Harris
  KHWY      Folsom         CA        1030 kHz      Motorola
  KFRE      Fresno         CA         940 kHz      Harris
  KABC      Los Angeles    CA         790 kHz      Kahn
  KDAY      Los Angeles    CA        1580 kHz      Harris
  KFI       Los Angeles    CA         640 kHz      Motorola
  KGFJ      Los Angeles    CA         940 kHz      Harris
  KHJ       Los Angeles    CA         930 kHz      Kahn
  KIIS      Los Angeles    CA        1150 kHz      Motorola
  KLAC      Los Angeles    CA         570 kHz      Motorola
  KMPC      Los Angeles    CA         710 kHz      Kahn
  KIIS      Los Angeles    CA        1150 kHz      Motorola
  KTNQ      Los Angeles    CA        1020 kHz      Kahn
  KZLA      Los Angeles    CA        1540 kHz      Motorola
  KHYV      Modesto        CA         970 kHz      Motorola
  KNRY      Monterey       CA        1240 kHz      Harris
  KUTY      Palmdale       CA        1470 kHz      Motorola
  KKAM      Palm Springs   CA         920 kHz      Motorola
  KRLA      Pasadena       CA        1110 kHz      Motorola
  KCLM      Redding        CA        1330 kHz      Motorola
  KRAK      Sacramento     CA        1140 kHz      Motorola
  KFMB      San Diego      CA         760 kHz      Motorola
  KGIL      San Fernando   CA        1260 kHz      Motorola
  KFRC      San Francisco  CA         610 kHz      Kahn
  KIQI      San Frncisco   CA        1010 kHz      Kahn
  KKHI      San Francisco  CA        1550 kHz      Motorola
  KNBR      San Francisco  CA         680 kHz      Kahn
  KOIT      San Francisco  CA        1260 kHz      Kahn
  KSFO      San Francisco  CA         560 kHz      Motorola
  KEEN      San Jose       CA        1370 kHz      Harris
  KJOY      Stockton       CA        1280 kHz      Motorola
  KHOW      Denver         CO         630 kHz      Harris
  KLZ       Denver         CO         560 kHz      Motorola
  KIMN      Denver         CO         950 kHz      Motorola
  KIDN      Pueblo         CO        1350 kHz      Motorola
  KRDZ      Wray           CO        1000 kHz      Motorola
  WTIC      Hartford       CT        1080 kHz      Kahn
  WRCQ      New Britain    CT         910 kHz      Harris
  WELI      New Haven      CT         960 kHz      Kahn
  WMMM      Westport       CT        1260 kHz      Kahn
  WILI      Willmangtic    CT        1400 kHz      Kahn
  WAMS      Wilmington     DE        1380 kHz      Kahn
  WMAL      Washington     DC         630 kHz      Kahn
  WLQH      Chiefland      FL         940 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WINK      Ft. Meyers     FL        1240 kHz      Kahn
  WNUE      Ft. Walton Bch FL        1400 kHz      Kahn
  WJAX      Jacksonville   FL         930 kHz      Motorola
  WQBR      Jacksonville   FL        1600 kHz      Motorola
  WCMQ      Miami          FL        1210 kHz      Motorola
  WGBS      Miami          FL         710 kHz      Kahn
  WMOP      Ocala          FL         900 kHz      Motorola
  WOCA      Ocala          FL        1370 kHz      Motorola
  WDBO      Orlando        FL         580 kHz      Kahn
  WDLP      Panama City    FL         590 kHz      Motorola
  WWWQ      Panama City    FL        1430 kHz      Harris
  WPOM      Riviera Beach  FL        1600 kHz      Harris
  WRBQ      St. Petersburg FL        1380 kHz      Kahn
  WSUN      St. Petersburg FL         620 kHz      Motorola
  WEAT      W. Palm Beach  FL         850 kHz      Harris
  WPCK      W. Palm Beach  Fl        1290 kHz      Kahn
  WQKA      Atlanta        GA        1190 kHz      Harris
  WPLO      Atlanta        GA         590 kHz      Motorola
  WQXI      Atlanta        GA         790 kHz      Harris
  WSB       Atlanta        GA         750 kHz      Motorola
  WRDW      Augusta        GA        1480 kHz      Motorola
  WDAK      Columbus       GA         540 kHz      Motorola
  WSOK      Savannah       GA        1230 kHz      Harris
  WYNX      Smyrna         GA        1550 kHz      Motorola
  WGAF      Valdosta       GA         910 kHz      Motorola
  KIKI      Honolulu       HI         830 kHz      Motorola
  KBOI      Boise          ID         670 kHz      Motorola
  KGEM      Boise          ID        1140 kHz      Motorola
  KUPI      Idaho Falls    ID         980 kHz      Motorola
  WJBC      Bloomington    IL        1230 kHz      Kahn
  WAIT      Chicago        IL         820 kHz      Motorola
  WGCI      Chicago        IL        1390 kHz      Motorola
  WGN       Chicago        IL         720 kHz      Motorola
  WMAQ      Chicago        IL         670 kHz      Kahn
  WLS       Chicago        IL         890 kHz      Harris
  WESL      E. St. Louis   IL        1490 kHz      Motorola
  WTAQ      LaGrange       IL        1300 kHz      Motorola
  WMOK      Metropolis     IL         920 kHz      Motorola
  WPRS      Paris          IL        1440 kHz      Harris
  WGEM      Quincy         IL        1440 kHz      Harris
  WROK      Rockford       IL        1440 kHz      Motorola
  WOWO      Ft. Wayne      IN        1190 kHz      Magnavox
  WQHK      Ft. Wayne      IN        1380 kHz      Harris
  WIRE      Indianapolis   IN        1430 kHz      Motorola
  WIBC      Indianapolis   IN        1260 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WNDE      Indianapolis   IN        1260 kHz      Motorola
  0000      Notre Dame U.  IN         640 kHz      Motorola
  WINN      North Vernon   IN        1460 kHz      Motorola
  KSO       Des Moines     IA        1460 kHz      Harris
  WDBQ      Dubuque        IA        1490 kHz      Harris
  KGLO      Mason City     IA        1300 kHz      Harris
  KRIB      Mason City     IA        1490 kHz      Motorola
  KWSL      Sioux City     IA        1470 kHz      Motorola
  KAYS      Hays           KS        1400 kHz      Motorola
  KFDI      Witchita       KS        1070 kHz      Motorola
  WALY      Gray           KY        1590 kHz      Motorola
  WLGC      Greenup        KY        1520 kHz      Motorola
  WTKC      Lexington      KY        1300 kHz      Motorola
  WVLK      Lexington      KY         590 kHz      Motorola
  WHAS      Louisville     KY         840 kHz      Motorola
  WFXY      Middleboro     KY        1490 kHz      Motorola
  WPAD      Paducah        KY        1560 kHz      Harris
  WKLW      Paintsville    KY         600 kHz      Motorola  
  WPKE      Pikeville      KY        1240 kHz      Motorola
  WEKY      Richmond       KY        1340 kHz      Motorola
  KSYL      Alexandria     LA         970 kHz      Motorola
  WJBO      Baton Rouge    LA        1150 kHz      Harris
  WXOK      Baton Rouge    LA        1460 kHz      Harris
  KSIG      Crowley        LA        1450 kHz      Motorola
  WBIU      Denham Springs LA        1220 kHz      Motorola
  WKQT      Garyville      LA        1010 kHz      Motorola
  KJEF      Jennings       LA        1290 kHz      Harris
  KXKW      Lafayette      LA        1520 kHz      Motorola
  KLOU      Lake Charles   LA        1580 kHz      Harris
  KNOE      Monroe         LA         540 kHz      Motorola
  KANE      New Iberia     LA        1240 kHz      Motorola
  WNOE      New Orleans    LA        1060 kHz      Motorola
  WQUE      New Orleans    LA        1280 kHz      Kahn
  KXLA      Rayville       LA         990 kHz      Motorola
  KEEL      Shreveport     LA         710 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  KOKA      Shreveport     LA        1550 kHz      Motorola
  KRMD      Shreveport     LA        1340 kHz      Motorola
  KTIB      Thibodaux      LA         630 kHz      Motorola
  WLAM      Auburn         ME        1470 kHz      Motorola
  WZON      Bangor         ME         620 kHz      Kahn
  WABK      Gardiner       ME        1280 kHz      Motorola
  WFBR      Baltimore      MD        1300 kHz      Kahn
  WWIN      Baltimore      MD        1400 kHz      Motorola
  Neff. Comm. Bethesda     MD                      Harris
  WTBO      Cumberland     MD        1450 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WBZ       Boston         MA        1030 kHz      Motorola
  WHUE      Boston         MA        1150 kHz      Kahn
  WMAS      Springfield    MA        1450 kHz      Kahn
  WHYN      Springfield    MA         560 kHz      Motorola
  WFTQ      Worchester     MA        1440 kHz      Kahn
  WORC      Worchester     MA        1310 kHz      Motorola
  WTAG      Worchester     MA         580 kHz      Motorola
  WBRN      Big Rapids     MI        1460 kHz      Harris
  WJR       Detroit        MI         760 kHz      Motorola
  WCUZ      Grand Rapids   MI        1230 kHz      Harris
  WOOD      Grand Rapids   MI        1300 kHz      Kahn
  WPLB      Greenville     MI        1380 kHz      Harris
  WITL      Lansing        MI        1010 kHz      Motorola
  WSAM      Saginaw        MI        1400 kHz      Motorola
  WTCM      Traverse City  MI         580 kHz      Harris
  KATE      Albert Lea     MN        1450 kHz      Harris
  KSUM      Fairmont       MN        1370 kHz      Harris
  WKKQ      Hibbing        MN        1060 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  KTCR      Minneapolis    MN         690 kHz      Kahn
  WCCO      Minneapolis    MN         830 kHz      Motorola
  KYMN      Northfield     MN        1080 kHz      Harris
  KYSM      N. Mankato     MN        1230 kHz      Harris
  KMFY      Richfield      MN         980 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  KNSI      St. Cloud      MN        1450 kHz      Motorola
  WROA      Gulfport       MS        1390 kHz      Motorola
  WYAM      Meridian       MS        1240 kHz      Motorola
  WJKX      Pascagoula     MS        1460 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WTUP      Tupelo         MS        1490 kHz      Harris
  WMBH      Joplin         MO        1450 kHz      Motorola
  KMBZ      Kansas City    MO         980 kHz      Kahn
  WDAF      Kansas City    MO         610 kHz      Harris
  KSIS      Sedalia        MO        1050 kHz      Motorola
  KGBX      Springfield    MO        1270 kHz      Motorola
  KUSA      St. Louis      MO         550 kHz      Motorola
  KGHL      Billings       MT         790 kHz      Motorola
  KOOK      Billings       MT         970 kHz      Motorola
  KXLF      Butte          MT        1370 kHz      Harris
  KMON      Great Falls    MT         560 kHz      Motorola
  KOFI      Kalispell      MT        1180 kHz      Motorola
  KOGA      Ogallala       NE         930 kHz      Harris
  KFAB      Omaha          NE        1110 kHz      Motorola
  KOIL      Omaha          NE        1290 kHz      Motorola
  WOW       Omaha          NE         590 kHz      Motorola
  KLAV      Las Vegas      NV        1230 kHz      Kahn
  KMJJ      Las Vegas      NV        1140 kHz      Motorola
  KROW      Reno           NV         780 kHz      Harris
  WMTR      Morristown     NJ        1250 kHz      Motorola
  WSKQ      Newark         NJ         620 kHz      Magnavox
  WPAT      Patterson      NJ         930 kHz      Motorola
  WHWH      Princeton      NJ        1350 kHz      Motorola
  KLTN      Albuquerque    NM        1240 khz      Harris
  KRZY      Albuquerque    NM        1450 kHz      Motorola
  KXAK      Corrales       NM        1310 kHz      Harris
  WPTR      Albany         NY        1540 kHz      Motorola
  WKBW      Buffalo        NY        1520 kHz      Motorola
  WENE      Endicott       NY        1430 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WHLI      Hempstead      NY        1100 kHz      Kahn
  WABC      New York       NY         770 kHz      Kahn
  WNBC      New York       NY         660 kHz      Kahn
  WQXR      New York       NY        1560 kHz      Kahn
  WPXY      Rochester      NY        1280 kHz      Motorola
  WHEN      Syracuse       NY         620 kHz      Motorola
  WAQX      Syracuse       NY        1490 kHz      Kahn
  WSYR      Syracuse       NY         570 kHz      Kahn
  WTLB      Utica          NY        1310 kHz      Kahn
  WISE      Asheville      NC        1310 kHz      Harris
  WATA      Boone          NC        1450 kHz      Motorola
  WJIK      Camp LeJeune   NC        1580 kHz      Harris
  WCHL      Chapel Hill    NC        1360 kHz      Motorola
  WAYS      Charlotte      NC         610 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WBT       Charlotte      NC        1110 kHz      Kahn
  WSOC      Charlotte      NC         930 kHz      Motorola
  WCKB      Dunn           NC         780 kHz      Harris
  WBIG      Greensboro     NC        1470 kHz      Kahn
  WLAS      Jacksonville   NC         910 kHz      Harris
  WNNC      Newton         NC        1230 kHz      Motorola
  WKIX      Raleigh        NC         850 kHz      Harris
  WPTF      Raleigh        NC         680 kHz      Harris
  WSIC      Statesville    NC        1400 kHz      Harris
  WKSK      W. Jefferson   NC         580 kHz      Harris
  WMFD      Willmington    NC         630 kHz      Harris
  WSJS      Winston-Salem  NC         600 kHz      Motorola
  WTOB      Winston-Salem  NC        1380 kHz      Harris
  KFYR      Bismarck       ND         550 kHz      Harris
  KLXX      Bismarck       ND        1270 kHz      Motorola
  KFGO      Fargo          ND         790 kHz      Harris
  KQWB      Fargo          ND        1550 kHz      Motorola
  KKXL      Grand Forks    ND        1440 kHz      Motorola
  Sheyenne  Lisbon         ND         890 kHz      Harris
  WAKR      Akron          OH        1590 kHz      Motorola
  WBCO      Bucyrus        OH        1540 kHz      Harris
  WNYN      Canton         OH         900 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WKRC      Cincinnati     OH         550 kHz      Kahn
  WGAR      Cleveland      OH        1220 kHz      Harris
  WCOL      Columbus       OH        1230 kHz      Harris
  WING      Dayton         OH        1410 kHz      Harris
  WONE      Dayton         OH         980 kHz      Motorola
  WSPD      Toledo         OH        1370 kHz      Kahn
  WWST      Wooster        OH         960 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WHIZ      Zanesville     OH        1240 kHz      Harris
  KVSO      Ardmore        OK        1240 kHz      Motorola
  KATT      Oklahoma City  OK        1140 kHz      Harris
  KXXY      Oklahoma City  OK        1340 kHz      Motorola
  KSPI      Stillwater     OK         780 kHz      Harris
  KRMG      Tulsa          OK         740 kHz      Motorola
  KVOO      Tulsa          OK        1170 kHz      Motorola
  KUGN      Eugene         OR         590 kHz      Kahn
  KYKN      Eugene         OR        1280 kHz      Motorola
  KAGI      Grants Pass    OR         930 kHz      Harris
  KAJO      Grants Pass    OR        1270 kHz      Harris
  KUIK      Hillsboro      OR        1360 kHz      Motorola
  KYJC      Medford        OR         610 kHz      Motorola
  KTIX      Pendleton      OR        1240 kHz      Motorola
  KGW       Portland       OR         620 kHz      Motorola
  WXKW      Allentown      PA        1470 kHz      Motorola
  WJET      Erie           PA        1400 kHz      Motorola
  WRID      Indiana        PA        1520 kHz      Harris
  WLAN      Lancaster      PA        1390 kHz      Magnavox
  WLPA      Lancaster      PA        1490 kHz      Motorola
  WFIL      Philadelphia   PA         560 kHz      Kahn
  WRAW      Reading        PA        1340 kHz      Motorola
  WKMC      Roaring Spring PA        1370 kHz      Motorola
  WNAK      Wilkes-Barre   PA         730 kHz      Kahn
  WNOW      York           PA        1250 kHz      Motorola
  WEAN      Warwick        RI         790 kHz      Motorola
  WCSC      Charleston     SC        1390 kHz      Kahn
  WIS       Columbia       SC         560 kHz      Harris
  WJXY      Conway         SC        1050 kHz      Harris
  WESC      Greenville     SC         660 kHz      Harris
  WGSW      Greenwood      SC        1350 kHz      Motorola
  WHHQ      Hilton Head Is.SC        1130 kHz      Motorola
  WAGL      Lancaster      SC        1560 kHz      Motorola
  WXAX      Lexington      SC        1170 kHz      Harris
  WSOL      Orangeburg     SC        1370 kHz      Kahn
  KKLS      Rapid City     SD         920 kHz      Motorola
  KOTA      Rapid City     SD        1380 kHz      Kahn
  KELO      Sioux Falls    SD        1320 kHz      Harris
  WLAR      Athens         TN        1450 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  Patton    Chattanooga    TN        T.B.A         Harris
  WMSO      Collierville   TN         640 kHz      Magnavox
  WCJW      Johnson City   TN         910 kHz      Kahn
  WKPT      Kingsport      TN        1400 kHz      Motorola
  WIVK      Knoxville      TN         850 kHz      Magnavox
  WKDJ      Memphis        TN         680 kHz      Motorola
  WGNS      Murfreesboro   TN        1450 kHz      Motorola
  WSM       Nashville      TN         650 kHz      Motorola
  KRBC      Abilene        TX        1470 kHz      Harris
  KPUR      Amarillo       TX        1440 kHz      Harris
  KVET      Austin         TX        1300 kHz      Motorola
  KNOW      Austin         TX        1490 kHz      Harris
  KLVI      Beaumont       TX         560 kHz      Motorola
  KBST      Big Spring     TX        1490 kHz      Motorola
  KAGC      Bryan          TX        1510 kHz      Harris
  KTAM      Bryan          TX        1240 kHz      Harris
  WTAW      Bryan          TX        1150 kHz      Kahn
  KIKR      Conroe         TX         880 kHz      Harris
  KCCT      Corpus Christi TX        1150 kHz      Kahn
  KDAE      Corpus Christi TX        1590 kHz      Motorola
  KUNO      Corpus Christi TX        1400 kHz      Motorola
  KAAM      Dallas         TX        1310 kHz      Kahn
  KMEZ      Dallas         TX        1480 kHz      Motorola
  KRQX      Dallas         TX         570 kHz      Motorola
  KHEY      El Paso        TX         690 kHz      Harris
  KKMJ      El Paso        TX        1150 kHz      Kahn
  WHIN      Gallatin       TX        1010 kHz      Harris
  KKBQ      Houston        TX         790 kHz      Kahn
  KLAT      Houston        TX        1010 kHz      Kahn
  KRBE      Houston        TX        1070 kHz      Motorola
  KYOK      Houston        TX        1590 kHz      Kahn
  KYST      Houston        TX         920 kHz      Harris
  KTUN      Humble         TX        1180 kHz      Harris
  KPBC      Irving         TX        1040 Khz      Motorola
  KPRE      Paris          TX        1250 kHz      Harris
  KAPE      San Antonio    TX        1480 kHz      Motorola
  KCOR      San Antonio    TX        1350 kHz      Motorola
  KEDA      San Antonio    TX        1540 kHz      Kahn
  KKYX      San Antonio    TX         680 kHz      Motorola
  KSJL      San Antonio    TX         760 kHz      Harris
  KTSA      San Antonio    TX         550 kHz      Kahn
  KDOK      Tyler          TX        1490 kHz      Harris
  KTBB      Tyler          TX         600 kHz      Harris
  WACO      Waco           TX        1460 kHz      Harris
  KGTM      Wichita Falls  TX         990 kHz      Motorola
  KCWM      Victoria       TX        1340 kHz      Motorola
  KJQ       Ogden          UT        1490 kHz      Kahn
  KRPX      Price          UT        1080 kHz      Motorola
  KALL      Salt Lake City UT         910 kHz      Motorola
  KBUG      Salt Lake City UT        1320 kHz      Motorola
  KFAM      Salt Lake City UT         700 kHz      Motorola
  KRGO      Salt Lake City UT        1550 kHz      Kahn
  KSL       Salt Lake City UT        1160 kHz      Kahn
  KRSP      Salt Lake City UT        1060 kHz      Harris
  WDOT      Burlington     VT        1390 kHz      Motorola
  WPKX      Alexandria     VA         730 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.) 
  WMZQ      Arlington      VA        1390 kHz      Motorola
  WBTM      Danville       VA        1330 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WDVA      Danville       VA        1250 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WKCY      Harrisonburg   VA        1300 kHz      Motorola
  WHBG      Harrisonburg   VA        1360 kHz      Motorola
  WLVA      Lynchburg      VA         590 kHz      Kahn
  WTAR      Norfolk        VA         790 kHz      Motorola
  WRAD      Radford        VA        1460 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  WRVA      Richmond       VA        1140 kHz      Kahn
  WSLC      Roanoke        VA         610 kHz      Kahn
  WKDW      Staunton       VA         900 kHz      Kahn
  WAMM      Woodstock      VA        1230 kHz      Motorola
  WYVE      Wytheville     VA        1280 kHz      Motorola
  KONA      Kennewik       VA         610 kHz      Motorola (BE)
  KTOL      Lacey          WA        1500 kHz      Magnavox
  KQEU      Olympia        WA         920 kHz      Harris
  KJR       Seattle        WA         950 kHz      Harris
  KMPS      Seattle        WA        1300 kHz      Motorola
  KOMO      Seattle        WA        1000 kHz      Harris
  KONA      Seattle        WA         610 kHz      Motorola (BE)
  KCSY      Soldotna       WA        1140 kHz      Kahn
  KJRB      Spokane        WA         790 kHz      Motorola
  KTAC      Tacoma         WA         850 kHz      Motorola (Delta Elec.)
  KORD      Tri-Cities     WA         870 kHz      Kahn
  KKSN      Vancouver      WA         910 kHz      Kahn
  KIT       Yakima         WA        1280 kHz      Harris
  WWNR      Beckley        WV         620 kHz      Harris
  WQBE      Charleston     WV         950 kHz      Motorola
  WKEE      Huntington     WV         800 kHz      Motorola
  WCLG      Morgantown     WV        1300 kHz      Motorola
  WYNE      Appleton       WI        1150 kHz      Motorola (BE)
  WRPQ      Baraboo        WI         740 kHz      Motorola
  WOGO      Cornell        WI         680 kHz      Motorola
  WDUZ      Green Bay      WI        1400 kHz      Motorola
  WGEE      Green Bay      WI        1360 kHz      Motorola
  WNFL      Green Bay      WI        1440 kHz      Harris
  WLXR      LaCrosse       WI        1490 kHz      Motorola
  WIBA      Madison        WI        1310 kHz      Harris
  WISM      Madison        WI        1480 kHz      Motorola
  WNAM      Neenah         WI        1280 kHz      Motorola
  WRIG      Wausau         WI        1390 kHz      Motorola
  KRAE      Cheyenne       WY        1480 kHz      Harris
  KIML      Gillette       WY        1270 kHz      Harris

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