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TUCoPS :: Radio :: gulf.txt

Military Frequencies during Gulf war

Msg #7599  From: N4GVF  Date: 21-Aug 1225Z  Subj: MILITARY FREQS
Ok Boys and Girls! You asked for it so HERE IT IS! With all the activity
that is going on in the Middle-East you shoulf be able to find lots of
activity on some of these frequencies. You might have to just 'park' on one
to hear anything since activity comes and goes. Also ALL US military traffic
is on USB for voice but could be LSB for data (RTTY/AMTOR/TDM/FDM). Enjoy
de John KF4NJ
FREQ       SERVICE                      FREQ        SERVICE
2182       Intl Calling/Emergency       2716        US Navy Harbor
3023       US Navy Tactical             3130        US Navy Tactical
4517       USAF MARS                    4593        USAF MARS
4727       SAC (channel Victor)         5703        USAF TAC air
6683       Andrews AFB (Mystic Star)    6697        US Navy Tactical
6705       USAF Air/Ground channel      6723        US Navy (raspberry ch)
6738       USAF Air/ground channel      6750        USAF Air/Ground channel
6761       USAF SAC                     6927        Andrews AFB (Mystic Star)
8972       US Navy (Atlantic)           8989        USAF Air/Flight channel
8993       USAF Air/Ground channel      9014        USAF Air/Ground channel
9027       USAF SAC Air/Ground          11176       USAF Air/Ground channel
11200      RAF (flight wx)              11214       USAF (Norad)
11228      USAF Air/Ground channel      11234       RAF Air/Ground channel
11243      USAF SAC Air/Ground          11246       USAF Air/Ground channel
11267      US Navy HICOM                11494       USAF SAC Air/Ground
12047.5    US Navy Mars                 13181       US Navy HICOM
13201      USAF Air/Ground channel      13214       USAF Air/Ground channel
13241      USAF SAC Air/Ground          13244       USAF Air/Ground channel
13247      USAF Tactical Air/Ground     13826       US Navy MARS
13974      US Navy MARS                 14441.5     US Navy MARS
14470      US Navy MARS                 15015*      USAF Air/Ground channel
15035      Canadian Military Wx         15041       USAF SAC Air/Ground
17975      USAF SAC Air/Ground          18002       USAF Air/Ground channel
18019      USAF Air/Ground channel      18027       Canadian Forces channel
20631      USAF SAC Air/Ground          23220       USAF Flight WX
23337      USAF SAC Air/Ground
*very active daytime enroute frequency with Army Transports
Well that is it! Again the transmissions may be short, few and far between,
but with patience you should be able to hear SOME of the action as it 

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