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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft767gx.txt

Yaesu FT-767GX mods


CEO file contents:
I have recently purchased the aforementioned transceiver.  I have had
problems to speak of and enjoy the rig thoroughly. I would like to
submit the following mod for the rig.  Note that implementation on this
mod is at the rig owner's risk and may violate warranties.  Here is a
description of the mod:

- Remove two screws from the top near the front of the rig.
- Remove the bottom cover (8 screws: 4 underneath, 2 on each side)
- Remove the plastic rear panel.  (8 screws)
- Remove the rear metal panel.  (10 screws in back + 1 on each side)
- Loosen the "hinge" screws on the front bottom.  There are 4 of them.
- CAREFULLY lift front of the rig over the bottom watching as to not
  destroy the two bundles of wire that run vertically in the rear
  corners of the rig.  There are two power supply lines that need to be
  disconnected in the midst of this manuever; they have connectors near
  the power supply. (Remember to reconnect them on assembly.)  You will
  now notice that we have exposed a small circuit baord (the control
  board).  Underneath it is the one we want under the metal
  covering.  You may want to remove the two screws located near the
  front of the rig.  Note that this board is the same one that has the
  switch that allows changing the tuning dial from 5kHz/rev to
- Locate switch S01 and change its position.  The rig will now transmit
  from 1.5 to 29.99999 MHz.
- Reverse the disassembly procedure.

Well that's it.  You are now ready for any band addition that may come
our way.  If you have problems, reply; I'll try to answer your
questions.  73s de KA1TIH :   (Ken Chilton) 

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