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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft767_4.txt

Yaesu FT-767 mods

Some time ago, I read some requirement for help in order to interface
a YEASU CAT SYSTEM to a Computer. 

Hereafter, what I'have done to drive an FT-767 with the RS232C of a

 DB25S (Computer side)                         DIN6 (TRCVR side)

                             /-----------------       3 SI
  2 TD      -----/////-------
                  10K        \   NPN 2N2484
                                V   ou equi.

  3 RD      ---------------                 >-----//////------       2 SO
  4 RTS  _                /       10K
  5 CTS  _             V
                            NPN 2N2484
                  /      ___   ou equi.
                  / 10K
  6 DSR _           8 CD  ________ 20 DTR _

This is wired directly on the DB25S connectocTmto suit your needs.
Remember to switch on the CAT first, and to switch it off at the end of
your instructions, if you have to operate manualy the rig later on.

Good luck. JP

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