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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft767_3.txt

Yaesu FT-767 mods

        I have run it into a Heath HD-4040,
        HK-21, and MFJ 1278T, and it works like gangbusters.  What a neat
        machine!  This one unit serves all my ham radio needs!  I no longer
        have to hook up my HT just to check into the local board.  I now have
        it hooked up to the MFJ 1278T, using one port for VHF/UHF into the
        DATA IN/OUT jack, and the other port into the PATCH jack, and out
        the AUDIO OUT jack, through a Super SCAF, (Switch Capacitor Audio
        Filter), to the TNC.

        I encouraged "Rick" to publish this mod as a factory-approved mod
        and so far, I have not heard anything about it.  If you seek this
        mod, try to talk to "Rick" and ask for the DATA IN/OUT jack audio
        control mod.  It is well worth the effort.  No, the mod was not
        free, and yes, I think it should have been free, but it wasn't,
        but the price was very reasonable, I think about $80 for the whole
        shebang.  73 and GL.

        Dennis N6KDS @ WA6YHJ-1,  Livermore.

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