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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft767_1.txt

Yaesu FT-767 mods


 yaesu ft-:767gx mods..

if you would like to get your ft-767 to transmitt anywhere that it
will receive just remove the covers and look on he top board just
below the shield ecovering the pc board99;)9:-53 a small white switch
in the center of the radio swith this switch to the other position
and it will 
oe xx now transmit anywhre.. remember that it is illegal
to use outside the ham ban
also if you want the ft-767 to transmitt out of the regular 2 meter
freq then all you have to do is o go throught the initialization proce
ss for installing the 2 meter module but insted of reseting with the
ky in the manual.. power up the rig while holding the ?offset? ?3?
key.  the rig will tten rx and txoutside the regular ham band on 2.

--(by wa4daz - rob)  &...N0KGX...GENE


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