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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft767.txt

Yaesu FT-767 mods


        I have had my Yaesu FT-767 modified by the service facility for three
        1.  Memory battery circuitry.  Previously the circuitry caused
        unnecessary drain on the memory battery, resulting in shortened
        battery life.  There is a kit available for this modification,
        which I ordered (free of charge).  After reading the instructions
        and not being able to even find the components involved, I took
        the unit down to LA to the service facility.

        2.  Hum mod.  I don't know anything about this mod.  It was
        performed while the unit was in for the previous mod.

        3.  DATA IN/OUT Jack audio control modification.  This mod was
        originated by me.  Since I have had the unit, I had not used it
        for packet because I could not defeat the audio from the speaker
        in any way without rendering the audio from the DATA IN/OUT jack
        unusable.  This jack was supposed to provide direct connection to
        the FM modulator and discriminator for packet.  It obviously was
        affected by the AF gain, external speaker disconnect, i.e., anything
        which affected the audio at the built-in speaker.  Examination of
        the circuit diagram seemed to indicate the audio for this jack
        came from the headphone circuit.


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