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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft736r_2.txt

Yaesu FT-736 mods


    I bought a Yaesu FT736 about 6 months ago.  It's a great radio but one
thing annoyed me about it.  When I used in on FO-20 or the microsats with my
TAPR PSK modem, the PSK modem adjusts to the doppler frequency shift by sending
pulses to the up/down buttons on the microphone.  Only problem is, everytime it
sent a pulse the radio went BEEP.  This beep didn't come thru the speaker,
instead it was emitted from a separate buzzer.  As a result, even when using 
the headphomes, the beep would disturb the whole house.  This was a particular
problem on late night passes.  Thanks to a suggestion from WB2IBO and the folks
at Yaesu, I've discovered you can fix the problem.  
    If you remove the top cover you will find a circuit board right behind the
front panel.  As you are facing the front of the radio on the top left corner
you will see capacitor C63 identified on the board with a red wire going into
the circuit board next to it.  Clip the red wire and no more beep.  You won't
actually see the beeper.  To find the beeper you have to remove the top and
bottom covers (see the manual) and then loosen the screws on either side of
the front panel (see section 3.5.4 in the manual).  At the bottom left of the
circuit board is the black buzzer, about the size of a quarter.  The red wire
you need to clip starts from here.  You don't actually have to remove the 
bottom cover if you clip it where it goes back into the circuit board on the 
top, however.
    You could rig up a switch to turn the buzzer off and on, but I don't why
anyone would ever want to turn it back on.  73 de WA0PTV @WA0PTV

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