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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft736r_1.txt

Yaesu FT-736 mods

 The range for the 6m unit is therefore 46-56 MHz, and the 2m unit will
give you 140-150 MHz. Yes, the transmitter will also work this span, but
keep in mind a 10 watt signal on the 49 MHz band sticks out like a sore
thumb! ;-) ("Wow! Listen to *that*! He must have a better walkie-talkie
than these RadioShack junkers!") ;-)

 My attempts to modify the range on the 430 MHz rf module  have  not  meet
with  much  success, and a careful look at the schematics/numbers tell the
story quite well; The module covers 430-440,  a  10MHz  range.  Therefore,
the  address-line  trick  will yield no more coverage.

 Have Fun, 73! --
-Avatar->  KB6LUY           +-------------------------+
Note: I haven't tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk!
And don't transmit outside your licesned bands!

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