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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft736r.txt

Yaesu FT-736 mods

Are there any mods for the Yaesu FT736R?

 I modified mine.  There's a catch tho - the mod involves adding a pair of
switches  to  the  module-address  lines into each of the rf's
kinda funky but it does work.  Look at your schematic, then  wire  up  the
switches  such  that  your  6m  and 2m modules *think* that they're 440MHz
modules!  The trick then is to look at the display, which reads 443.000,
and mentally adding 6.0 such that you know the real frequency is 49.000MHz.

 Similarly, the display will read 445.000 when the 2m module is really  at
145.000.  When  you finish adding the switches, you'll have to powerup the
'736 with the switches in the 'extended range' position.  Then use one  of
your existing memory frequencies, transferred to either the A or B vfo, to
then bandswitch up or down to the  440  band.  Bingo!  If  you  goof,  the
display  will  read "error".  Start over by powering down, and then repeat
the procedure. Sometimes the frontpanel logic will simply lock, just start
over and it will eventually work. Mine never takes more than 2 tries. With
the switches in the 'normal range' position the '736 will function as a

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