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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft726.txt

Yaesu FT-726 mods


Further improvement in FT-726 audio quality can be achieved by a simple
modification to the product detector. The product detector seems to be
overloaded by the input IF signal, the 6dB attennuator described here
will improve the RX-quality
The circuit is proposed by LA8AK, and tested by LA7BI (Egil);

----------------- 1K --------------- to pin 5, Q13;uPC1037
I                         I
I                         I
T11                       I
output                   1K
link                      I
I                         I
     47nF( .047)
     --- pcb/ground
the two resistors (1000 ohms) are easily mounted below the PCB
Break the pcb between the coil and IC pin 5, mount the resistor, and
connect the other resistor from the capacitor to IC pin 5
The audio quality should be much improved, and you should at least be
capable of understanding somebody who does not exactly speak the same
language as you. Englishmen should now be able to read foreigners who
speak english, although it is well known that foreigners from different
countries who use english understand each other, but the englishmen
often do not understand them.
73 de jan-martin
LA8AK  @ LA5IV 89 01 21 - 1828Z 

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