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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft4700.txt

Yaesu FT4700 mods

FT-4700 Frequency expanding modification.
Following example shows programming for 138-174Mhz, and 420-460Mhz.

1. Remove front panel.

2. Locate jumper spots 1,2,5,9,10,13 and short them with solder carefully.

(Other jumper spots must remain as current on the control unit.)

3. Turn power on, and set the display for the lower edge of UHF band
(420.000),using up/down buttons, and dial. Then press D/MR

4. Set the display to 460.000 and press D/MR. The display shows 47.75(if
frequency of uhf). Press D/MR, and then uhf coverage is programmed.

5. Set the display freq.  to 138.000 and press D/MR.  Then set to
174.000 and press D/MR again.  the display now shows the VHF if req.
at 17.3. Press D/MR again.  Now both band coverages are programmed.

6. After this modification the repeater shift is set to 000mhz, so it
must be set using the F and RPT buttons on both bands.  Re er to page
27 of manual for details.

7. Remember that transmiting outside the amateur bands is prohibited
unless you have a special licence.

73s to all and enjoy de Jimmy, SV0DR in Athens, GREECE

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