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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft411_4.txt

Modification for Yaesu FT-411 Handheld

 1) After the rig was programmed to the band and you want to change it
    to other ranges you will have to open the rig again and disconnect
    Jumper No 3 then to apply power to the radio ,turn it on again
    open it again ,connect Jumper No 3 back and repeat from steps 5 .

Date: 05 Feb 89

I discovered a nice trick to increase its frequency coverage.
It is so simple that you don't even have to open your hand held.
All you have to do is:
1. Make sure that the power switch is off.
2. press the UP arrow and DOWN arrow together, at the same time
   (those keys are also called A, and B.
   and they placed at the upper right side of the keyped)
3. Keep pressing both buttons and turn the power on.

Now you can receive 130-174Mhz, and transmit 140-150Mhz
CAUTON: When you do this modification the memories can be erased.
Ayhow I think it is not the end, and there are some more options.
If you do have some more information about this Hand held,
Please leave me a msg with it.

                              Tnx, AVIAD, 4X6TL@4Z4SV


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