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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft411_1.txt

Modification for Yaesu FT-411 Handheld


     I was unhappy with the FT-411's "3" mode because the frequency had
to be entered starting with the 100 MHz digit, and the ARS function
would not work.  I now use it in the "2" (normal) mode with the
following mod.
I used the "clone" mode to dump the FT-411's ram to a computer.  It's
9600 baud, 1 start bit, 1 stop bit, CMOS logic.  544 bytes are dumped
when the up arrow is pressed.   Starting with byte $211 are the upper
and lower transmit and receive frequencies, stored in BCD.  I changed
these to the limits I wanted.  My FT-411's upper PLL limit is 195.4
MHz, so I used 195 MHz.  The lower limit MUST remain set to 130 MHz
(magic number) or the keyboard entry of frequencies will start with the
1 MHz digit .VS. the 10 MHz digit.  To put the data back into ram, just
press the down arrow and send the new 544 bytes to the FT-411.  You
could also just clone an H.T. that has the limits you want.  You can
not clone a mode "3" H.T. to a mode "2" H.T., however.  The mode is
contained in the first byte, which must match.

Bill Pherigo WR0Y
Note: I have not tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk!

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