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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft2700r1.txt

Yaesu FT-2700RH mods


FT-2700RH cross band repeater modification.

I have been asked a couple of times to send the mod I devised to use this
rig in cross-band repeater mode. I've always been a bit reluctant cuz it is
not a "cut this trace" or "remove this jumper" type of mod. It is not for
the faint at heart HI. It works quite well indeed, though. So here it goes.

Making the modification:

   Use care, and take your time. This is not an easy one!

   Encapsulate both modules in isolating material - I used electric tape.

   Make good connections.

   Before you apply power to test the mod, ensure the "dim" button is

   released. Turn the radio on. Test it to see it works just as before.

   Nothing should have changed except for the "dim" button.

Using the mod:

   Say you want to cross-link 146.52 simplex to a UHF repeater on 442.00+.

  1. Program memory channel #1: 146.52 rx, 447.00 tx, full duplex (consult

      your manual if necessary on how to do that).

   2. Program memory channel #2: 442.00 rx, 146.52 tx, full duplex.

   3. Lock out all other memory channels so they will not scan.

   4. Select either memory #1 or #2 - doesn't matter.

   5. Push "dim" button in. This button has become the RPT ON/OFF switch.

continued in ft2700rh.2

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