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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft23r.txt

Yaesu FT-23R mods



'Circumcising' the FT-23R is remarkably simple.  Removing one solder
blob (pad #7, clearly marked, 10 o'clock position from the speaker, 9
o'clock from the microprocessor) lets the radio receive and transmit
from 140.0 to 163.995 MHz. The two circuit boards with surface-mount
components are uncluttered.  When opening the radio, be careful not to
lose the tiny coil-spring inside the battery-release button.  I
haven't measured receiver sensitivity, nor do I know about performance
in big-city RFI; the FT-23R is considerably more sensitive at 162-MHz
weather frequencies than is my modified Icom IC-02AT.
[source: W9MKV]

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