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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft212rh.txt

Yaesu FT-212 mods


Date: Wed, 13 Sep 89 17:02:09 BST
Subject: FT212 mods
Subject: YAESU FT 212 MOD

FT 212RH extended freq. coverage mod.

Remove the bottom and top covers and remove the front panel cover. You
must then remove the front board by carefully unpluging it (try not to
touch the lcd display). On the back of this board which is the control
unit locate jumpers 1 through 12 and unsolder any that are soldered. All
jumpers must be open (1-12 only). Reinstall the control unit and just
turn on the radio for a few seconds. now turn it off again and remove
the control unit again and solder jumpers 3, 4, 5, 11 only.

Put everything back together and apply power. The display will read 000.
Push the MHz button and rotate the main dial until 132.000 reads on the
display, then press D/MR once. Now press again the MHz button and rotate
to 180.000 and press the D/MR again.

the radio is now programmed to operate from 132 to 180 mhz. mine has tx
and rx through the entire spectrum with excellent sensitivity from 136
to 178. Dont forget that transmitting outside the amateur band is not
allowed so please consult your local athorities for a special permit.

73s and have SV0DR @ SV1IW

             John Heaton

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