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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft211rh1.txt

Yaesu FT-211RH mods


Date: 11 Mar 90 01:28:48 UTC (Sun)
From: wa2ise@kd6th.nj.usa (Bob)
Message-ID: <21172@KD6TH>
Reply-To: wa2ise@WA2ISE
To: all@allbbs
Subject: FT211, FT23 mods

copied from UUCP:
>From: (9081)
Newsgroups: rec.ham-radio
Subject: Re: Yaesu Mods

    The uP's in the FT-23R and the FT-211R/H can be set for several
    frequency and memory mode combinations. These modes are contorlled
    by the jumpers (solder pads) marked 7,8 and 9 on the processor
    board of either radio. Here's a list of what can be done:

      JUMPER         CONFIG                DISPLAY MODE
   7    8    9       NUMBER

  open open  in        1        140 to 164 MHz, amateur mode
  open  in   in        2        140 to 160 MHZ, amateur mode
   in  open  in        3        144 to 148 MHz, amateur mode
   in   in   in        4        144 to 146 MHz, amateur mode
  open open open       5        220 to 550 MHz, commercial mode
  open  in  open       6        440 to 450 MHz, amateur mode
   in  open  in        7        50 to 300 MHz, commercial mode
   in   in  open       8        430 to 440 MHz, amateur mode

    Both of my radios (USA) were shipped from the factory in config #3.
    They can be converted to config #1 without re-tuning just by changing
    the jumpers. Tuning range can be further expanded by changing to 
    jumper config #7. The FT-211 has separate VCO's for transmit and receive
    and will lock over about 38 MHz from approx. 130 to 180 MHz. The FT-23
    has only one VCO and the overlapping lock range (Xmt & Rcv) is about
    25 MHz from approx. 135 to 175 MHz. Don't forget, if you adjust the
    VCO you must re-align every electronically tuned stage in the front
    end of the radio. The transmitters can be tuned for somewhat higher
    power output above 164 MHz but at a great power loss at 2m.

    The commercial memory mode will cause these functional changes:

    1.When in the MR mode, the channel number will be displayed instead
      of frequency. You can toggle back to the original "amateur" mode
      display by pressing F<up-arrow>. Pressing F<down arrow> takes you
      back to commercial mode. However, when switching from D to MR, the
      display will always revert to the commercial mode.

    2.The function of the Dot<Pri> button will be exactly reversed. That
      means now you can press just one button (Dot) to get into or out
      of the Primary function. The Pri funtion (in memory mode) will
      be indicated by a large "P" on the left side of the display.

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