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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft211rh.txt

Yaesu FT-211RH mods

From: N8XX@KC8TW
Subject: 9600 BPS with Yaesu FT-211RH

              - - - EVEN MORE NEWS FROM ACROSS THE POND - - -

From: RADio COMmunications, Radio Society of Great Britain, February, 1990
      Page 60.  Copyright 1990, RSGB, Reprinted by permission.

DATACOMMS - Edited by Neil Lasher, G6HIU

                         9600 BAUD MOD OF THE MONTH

This month the modification is for the Yaesu FT-211-RH.  Thanks for it are
due to Chris Lorek from SMC.

The FT-211RH has been shown to be suitable for 9600 baud packet operation.
There is no major surgery required just two screened leads are required, one
for TX AF the other for RX AF connected as follows:


On the RX IF Unit (sub board F2869104) connect the screened lead inner to
the TK10420 IC pin 9 with the outerscreen to pin 15.  Caution should be
taken to solder these if soldered to the underside of the board.


On the rear of the main PCB a small potentiometer will be seen (peak
deviation adjuster).  Unsolder the leg nearest to the rear of the set, and
connect the inner of the screened TX leads to this point, the outer to the
earth plane adjacent to this point.  To ensure that the 9600 baud modem is
terminated in the required impedance, it is essential that a suitable
terminating resistor be placed across the screened lead inner/outer, eg a
560 ohm resister; this may usefully be done at the FT-211RH potentiometer

No further adjustments need to be made to the radio.  On the tested modem a
suitable level of 2.5 kHz deviation was achieved with one third rotation
clockwise of the modem TX AF level potentiometer.
               RELAYED  BY..N0KGX...GENE

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