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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft101e_2.txt

Yaesu FT-101E mods

Converting 11 Meter band to 12 Meters for the Yaesu FT 101 series ..

Although this procedure hardly qualifies as a "mod" (too easy), it is
certainly useful for the FT 101 series owner. Conversion to the 12 meter
WARC band is as simple as replacing a crystal. The  11 meter xtal is
replaced with a 30.52 Mhz 3rd overtone xtal in a HC-25/U holder as
specified in the FT 101 series maintenance manual. No other
modifications are necessary as the new band is close enough to the
original that the current components work. To replace the xtal, remove
the oop cover and find the xtal board located at right front of the rig.
Xtals marked  xxxx  are standard while  oooo  are optional on some
units. X5, for the 11m, band is an option and may or may not be installed.

        10B     xxxx    xxxx    80
        10C     xxxx    xxxx    40
  JJY/WWV (1)   xxxx    xxxx    20
        160     oooo    xxxx    15
                xxxx    oooo    < X5 the "11 meter" socket
                ....    xxxx    10A

The xtal was ordered from Marden Electronics (800-222-6093) although it
is probably available from the other companies which offer this type of
item. I'll skip the business details here, but it is cheap. I found fat
fingers a hindrance when yanking the old and insterting the new so I
used a hemostat (narrow nosed locking type device with "seconds" often
found in hardware stores, etc.). After checking with a local ham who
monitored my transmissions to make sure I was where I thought I was, I
was in business with 12 meters for my FT 101B.
continued in ft101.3

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