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TUCoPS :: Radio :: ft101e.txt

Yaesu FT-101E mods


Add 12 and 30 meters to your Yaesu
FT-101,B,E,EE for less than $10. Send
a large SASE for a copy of the mod.
article from 73 Nov.1983. I have
performed the mod. on 2 FT-101B's with
great success. Address:
John Maetta
460 Milky Way

GL 73  John N6VMO...

    From : WB0SEN @ N0IFE.MO.USA.NA
Subject: Final Mods - Yaesu FT 101E
Here's an old modification that's been around for a few years.  I had occasion
to use it recently myself, so it may be of value to someone else  I am not sure
of its origin, I may have picked it out of an old QST.  Anyway, it works.
73  -Bob-  VE3OSN @ VE3JF


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