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TUCoPS :: Radio :: dt112t.txt

Alinco DR-112T mods


Date: 21 Oct 90 03:46:57 UTC (Sun)
From: (Bob)
Message-ID: <39294@KD6TH.NJ.USA.NA>
Reply-To: wa2ise@wa2ise
To: mods@allbbs
Subject: DR112t mod file

copied from UUCP and edited:
Keywords: Alinco DR110T DR112T

This is just to confirm that the modification that was posted to the
Alinco DR110T also works on the DR112T (same radio, but with an LCD
display as opposed to the DR110T's LED display).  Pop the cover, cut
one wire, reset the radio, and PRESTO!  Instant expanded coverage.

I verified that the radio will receive the National Weather Service.
However, I haven't tried listening to the 300 MHz or 800 MHz segments
the radio now covers.  I have no idea how well (or how poorly) the
receiver performs at those frequencies.

Andre Molyneux KA7WVV 

for reference, here is the DR110 mod file:

After installing the out-of-band receive mod on my Alinco 110, I
accidentally pressed a couple of keys and found I could receive
                  130 -> 170 MHz + Xmit of this range
                  340 -> 380 MHz - no Xmit
                  870 -> 890 MHz - no Xmit

To modify the Alinco to receive out of band, perform the
following steps:

Remove the top cover by removing the obvious screws. Be careful,
as the speaker may stick to the cushion on the top cover. If it
does, separate the speaker from the top panel and replace it back
in its receptacle within the rig.

Positioned at the front of the rig, look near the tuning knob and
you will see a little yellow jumper coming from behind the front
panel, looping around and returning to the front panel. This
jumper looks like it should have a tag on it saying 'cut me for
more features'. Go ahead and take the wire cutters to this jumper.
Be careful that the cut ends don't short to something!

Replace the top cover on the rig, get everything set back up and
turn on the rig.

The next step is to reset the radio. If you don't remember its
current programming, you may want to write it down at this time.

When ready to reset the rig, hold down the F key and the VFO/M
key at the same time, turn the POWER off, back on, and then let
go of the keys. The rig is reset and will display 144.00.

You will now be able to tune around, and transmit, from 130.00 ->
169.99 MHz.

To move to the next 'band segment', press F and then the MHZ key.
The display will go the 340.00 MHz segment. F+MHZ again will get
you cellular, and F+MHZ a third time will return you to the 2
meter segment. Happy monitoring...

Gene - AA6IY @ N6LDL
Note: I haven't tried or verified this, proceed at your own risk.  WA2ISE
And don't transmit out of band!

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