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TUCoPS :: Radio :: dr590t_2.txt

Alinco DR-590T mods


Simple problem . . . a typeing error (translation error?).
Turn to page 13 of the instructions
find "Transmitting the Stored Autodialer Number:(DR-590E: Option)

Step 2 should read:
Enter DTMF pad code c14 and select the desired autodialer channel.

>3, This rig is supposedly able to receive DTMF codes from another transmitter
>What will allow remote control of the rig (useful as a very flexible cross
>band repeater).  I have not been able to get this to function on my rig at
>all.  I can only hope that possibly the modification they promised to send
>me will enable this function or that the new english directions will beable
>to explain how to make this happen.

Even the grand Alinco wizzard has not figured this out.  He said that he
was working on better directions and that as soon as he had them he would
send them to me.

>4,  The remote page/DTMF squelch function are completely cryptic I hope they
>are also explained in the english directions.

Same deal as above.  However if you sat around with a friend who also had
a similarly equipped rig you could probabily figure it out.

>Anyone with any mods or operation instructions for this rig please let me
>know.  Am I the only one with these problems?  Does anyone have any solutions?

>Is Alinco always this slow?  etc.?

Here are your mods/instructions.  Yes I believe you are.  I found the solutions
In my experience Alinco has always operated in this manner.

>I will post a summary when a solution is found
>so send responses to me at my

Here is the summary. In case you haven't figgured it out by now I am answering
my own query.  I just figgured someone might want the info.


It has been nice doing buisness with you


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