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TUCoPS :: Radio :: dr590t_1.txt

Alinco DR-590T mods


5) cut, unsolder, remove, destroy, nuke, the blue wire (your choice)  [I
neither advocate nor encourage the indiscriminate use of nukes]

6) undo step 3

7) undo step 2

8) undo step 1

9) connect the rig to antennas, power etc as outlined in the manual.

10)  hold down the function key and turn on the power

This is what you will find . . .
The rig now transmits everywhere.
it now will display (not receive) 800Mhz band and 300Mhz band on the 440
side of the display in rotation (press the uhf switch to switch from band
to band)
It will now display (not recieve) the aircraft band (yes it does indicate
AM) on the 2 meter side of the rig.  There is no AM detector presently but
I am working on it.

Cross band operation:
To enable cross band remote press (and hold) the funciton key and then (while
still holding the function key) press the vhf switch.  Cross band operation
is now enabled using the displayed TX and RX frequencies.  Splits still
function in cross band operation so don't link 2 repeters together!  Frequency
selection for each band can be from the vfo, memory, or ARM (a cool Alinco
To disable cross band operation simply press (and hold as before) the funciton
key and press the uhf switch.  Note: failing to hold the f-key down and then
pressing uhf or vhf enables a strange function that I have yet to figure

>2, The Autodialer (an option for the 590E according to page 13 of the manual)
>did not work as in the insturctions.  Another call to Alinco and I found
>that it is also an option in the 590T.  On page 19 it was pointed out to
>me is a note to this effect.  These instructions are also unclear.  Anyway
>I went out and purchased the required DTMF unit and installed it.  Now I
>can store the numbers in the autodialer's memories, however I cannot get
>the rig to autodial any number except the number stored in memory #1.  I
>have tried every possible interpretation of the directions on page 13 of
>the manual and had no success.  Another call to Alinco . . . they told me
>that they knew that the manual was written in jinglish (japanese/english)
>and was hard to understand.  They said that they would send me a complete
>manual written by someone who spoke english as their primary language.  I
>asked them why this manual was not provided with the rig and they said that
>it was free to anyone who asked for it ?!?!

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