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TUCoPS :: Radio :: dr590t.txt

Alinco DR-590T mods


Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 10:07:26 EDT
From: szarekw@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (William J. Szarek)
Subject: Alinco DR-590T

In response to buzz here are my findings regarding the 590T

>I just picked up a brand new Alinco DR-590T and have had some problems that
>I would like to share with you all out there in ham-net land.  Maybe someone
>out there can help me with a couple of these problems.

I guess not too many people have these rigs yet otherwise I would not have
to respond to your request.  I hope there are others besides yourself that
are interested in this information.  In any event this is what worked for
me (sans jinglish).  I am not however responsible for what you do to your
rig . . . etc.

>1, I got this unit because of all the cool features it is supposed to have,
>including cross-band repeat.  The instruction manual does not even mention
>this feature.  After calling Alinco I found that this was a feature functions
>only after modification.  They said (more than a week and a half ago) that the
>would send me the modification instructions.  I haven't heard anything from

If you ask them (nicely) there are (a few) dudes at Alinco that are willing
to help and are smart enought to be helpfull (there is a differance ;-}).
They can fax you the information or even send it to you next day air at no
charge if you ask politely or are VERY persistant (as in my case).
Now the big news . . . to modify the rig to xmit out of band (to call the
cops etc ;-}), to operate as a cross band remote, etc.  follow these easy
1) remove the control head from the unit (2 screws on each side of
the forward part of the rig, near the control head).
2) hold the control head in your hand face down and remove the two screws
you see on the back of the control head.

3) remove the cover from the back of the control head (it snaps off)

4) locate a blue loop of wire.  There is only one blue loop of wire.

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