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TUCoPS :: Radio :: disney.txt

Disney World Frequencies


      Walt Disney World, Florida

Here is a list of frequencies in use
at Walt Disney World in Florida for 
the use of our Scanner friends.  Let
us know of any additional channels you
find and we will add them to the list.

Frequency  Call        Service
151.655   KJU650   Construction
151.895            20,000 Leagues subs
154.43             Fire Dept.
154.625   KNGU357  Hilton Hotel
155.37             Police Intersystem
157.74    KRW819   Paging
453.825   KRT728   Fire D. Mutual Aid
453.875            Fire D. Ch. FD-1
453.925            Fire D. Ch. FD-2
461.30    WZE419
461.60    KUL488   Hotels, Transport.
462.55    KAA8207  Operations/Paging
462.575   KAA8207  Monorails/Ops Ch. 2
462.625   KAA8101  Land Transportation,
                   Parking, Magic King-
                   dom, Ft. Wilderness
                   Maint. Ch. 1
462.65    KAA8101  Magic Kingdom Maint,
462.675   KAA8209  Theme Park Maint.
                   Maint Ch. 2
462.775   WYT220
462.85    WZL392
463.75    WZL393
463.975   KUR462   Entertainment
464.125   KUL489   Security/Administra-
                   tive/Security Ch. 2
464.40    KUL487   Security Channel 1
464.525   KNGQ730  Hilton Hotel
464.625   KUL486   Utilities
464.80    KUM848   Taxi cabs

Be sure to check out frequencies that
are 5 MHz higher for possible duplex

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