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TUCoPS :: Radio :: cbjargon.txt

CB Slang


Code   Definition                     Code   Definition
=====  =============================  =====  ==============================
10-1   Receiving poorly               10-41  Please tune to channel ___
10-2   Receiving well                 10-42  Traffic accident at ___
10-3   Stop transmitting              10-43  Traffic tie up at ___
10-4   Okay                           10-44  I haved a message for ___
10-5   Relay message                  10-45  All units please report
10-6   Busy, stand by                 10-46  Assist motorist
10-7   Out of service                 10-50  Accident
10-8   In service                     10-51  Wrecker needed
10-9   Repeat message                 10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-10  Transmission completed         10-53  Road Blocked
10-11  Speak slowly                   10-57  All units comply
10-12  Visitors present               10-59  Convoy/Escort
10-13  Weather/Road Conditions        10-60  What is next message number?
10-14  Prowler                        10-62  Unable to copy use phone
10-16  Make pick up at ___            10-63  Prepare to make written copy
10-17  Urgent Business                10-64  Network Clear
10-18  Anything for US                10-65  Not directed to ___
10-19  Return to base                 10-66  Message cancellation
10-20  Location                       10-67  All units comply
10-21  Call by land line (telephone)  10-69  Message received
10-22  Report in person to ___        10-70  Fire at ___
10-23  Stand by                       10-73  Speed trap at ___
10-24  Assignment completed           10-75  You are causing interference
10-25  Can you contact ___            10-77  ETA (time of arrival)
10-26  Disregard last info            10-82  Reserve lodging
10-27  Switch to channel ___          10-84  My telephone number is ___
10-28  Identify your station          10-85  My address is ___
10-29  I am leaving this location     10-88  Advise telephone number
10-30  Does NOT conform to FCC rules  10-89  Radio repair needed
10-31  Crime in progress              10-90  I have television interference
10-32  Radio Check                    10-91  Talk closer to mike
10-33  Emergency traffic              10-92  Have your transmitter checked
10-34  Trouble, need help             10-93  Check my frequency
10-35  Confidential Information       10-94  Give me a long count
10-36  Current time                   10-95  Transmit 5 second dead carrier
10-37  Record needed at ___           10-99  Missing complete, units secure
10-38  Ambulance needed at ___       10-100  Personal Reasons
10-39  Your message delivered        10-200  Police needed at ___


Term                       Meaning
========================== ===============================================
A Little Help              Extra power.
Advertising                A marked police car with lights on.
Affirmatory                Yes.
Alligator Station          Someone who only talks and does not listen or
                           a radio that transmits but does not receive.
Anchored Modulator         Base station.
Appliance Operator         A CB'er who knows nothing about his radio or
                           the proper way to use it.
Attic                      Channel 40 (highest channel).
Back Door                  The last mobile in a line of trucks who is
                           watching what's coming up from behind.
Background                 Noise or static on the channel.
Back Her On Down           Slow down.
Back 'Em On Out            Ending conversation.
Back Quiet/Back Out        Finished using radio or done transmitting.
Back Stroke                Return trip.
Bagging                    Police catching speeders.
Barefoot                   Running without power booster or linear.
Barley Pop                 Beer
Barn                       Truck garage.
Base Station               Radio at home/fixed location.
Basement                   Channel 1 (lowest channel).
Bean Store                 Restaurant or road stop where food is served.
Bear                       Police.
Bear In The Air            Police helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
Bear In The Bushes         Police hiding.
Bear Bait                  Someone driving fast without radio near police.
Bear Bite                  Speeding ticket.
Bear Cave/Den/Cage/Lair    Police station.
Bear Story                 Police location report.
Beating The Bushes         Vehicle driving ahead of a group and going
                           just enough over the speed limit to arouse the
                           attention of the police or highway patrol.
Better Cool It             Slow down or stop transmitting.
Better Half                Your wife or husband.
Big Brother                Police or Federal Communications Commission
Big Dummy                  Affectionate term for friend.
Big Ears                   Radio with high gain or sensitive receive.
Bird                       Thunderbird.
Bird In The Air            Unidentified helicopter or aircraft.
Bit On The Seat/Britches   Got a speeding ticket.
Black And White            Police unit.
Black And White CB'er      Police unit equipped with CB radio.
Black Water                Coffee
Bleeding Over              Carrier or transmission spilling over onto
                           other channel(s), usually caused by excess
                           audio modulation.
Blinkin' Winkin'           School bus.
Blood Box                  Ambulance or paramedic.
Blowin' Smoke              Coming in loud and clear.
Bob-Tail                   Semi-tractor running without a trailer.
Bodacious                  Coming in loud and clear.
Boat Anchor                A big old radio.
Boom-Squash                Transmitting over another radio's carrier.
Bootlegging                Using another station other than your own or
                           transmitting with illegal power or on illegal
Boots/Shoes/Galoshes       Power boosters or linear amplifiers.
Bottle Popper              Beverage truck.
Break                      Request to suspend the current conversation on
                           a channel to call for another station.
Breaking Up                Signal or audio is fading in and out.
Bring It On                Go ahead; the response to asking for a Break.
Brown Bottles              Beer
Bubble Gum Machine         Vehicle topped with flashing/revolving lights.
Bucket Mouth               Radio operator who will not or cannot shut up.
Bull Jockey                Someone who talks a lot of bull on the radio.
Bumper Lane                Passing lane on a 4-lane road.
Burning Up My Ears         Has a very good and strong signal.
Bushel                     Half a ton - one thousand pounds.
Candy Man                  Federal Communications Commission agent.
Camera                     Hand-held radar unit.
CB Land                    The environment of CB radio, as in "TV Land".
Charlie                    Federal Communications Commission
Chicken Box                CB Radio
Chicken Coop               Truck weighing station.
Chicken Inspector          Weigh station inspector.
Choo-Choo Train            Semi hauling two trailers.
Clean Shot                 Road is clear of police or highway patrol.
Clear                      Off the air or clear from the channel.
Come Back                  Response or respond.
Convoy                     Group of travelers trucking together.
Cotton-Picker              Fellow CB'er.
Copying The Mail           Listening to people talk on the channel.
County Mountie             County sheriff.
Definatory                 Definitly.
Diesel Car                 Semi-tractor truck.
Diesel Digit               Channel 19
Diesel Dummy               Derogatory name for a truck driver.
Dime Channel               Channel 10
Dog                        Greyhound Bus
Dog Biscuits               Decibels.
Do It To It                Traveling right along not wasting any time.
Double L                   Telephone (land line).
Double Nickel              55 miles per hour.
Doubled                    Two stations accidentally transmitted at once.
Don't Feed The Bears       Don't get caught by the police/highway patrol.
Draggin' Wagon             Wrecker
Dummy                      Empty police car, parked as a decoy.
Dusted Your Britches       Transmitted over your transmission.
Ears                       Radio's receiver.
Eat-Up Stop                Restaurant or truck stop.
Eights/Eighty-Eights       Hugs and kisses.
Eye In The Sky             Airplane checking speed.
Eleven Meters              CB radio band.
Fat Load                   Overweight load.
Feed The Bears             Pay a speeding ticket.
Fifty Dollar Lane          Left-most or passing lane.
Final                      Last transmission.
Finals                     Final radio transmission circuits.
Flag Waver                 Highway worker.
Flat Side                  Horizontal polarization or bed/sleep.
Flip/Flip Flop/Flip Side   Return trip or U-turn.
Fluff Stuff                Snow
Fly In The Sky             Possible police or highway patrol aircraft.
Forty-Weight               Coffee
Four Ten                   Yes.
Front Door                 First mobile in line, usually who lets others
                           know what is on the road ahead.
Funny Candy Company        Federal Communications Commission.
Give A Shout               Give a call.
Get Back                   Go ahead, done transmitting.
Getting Out/Up             Transmitting.
Going Horizontal           Lying down and going to sleep or switching to
                           horizontal polarization.
Going Thataway             Signing off or heading away from home.
Gone/We Gone               Signing off and clearing channel.
Good Buddy                 Fellow CB'er
Good Numbers               Best regards and good wishes.
Got A Copy?                Do you hear me?
Got Your Ears On?          Is your radio on and do you hear me?
Grass                      Median strip or along the side of the road.
Green Light                The road ahead is clear.
Green Stamps               Money (one stamp is one dollar) or a ticket.
Green Stamp Road           Toll road.
Ground Clouds              Fog.
Guarantold/Guarantelling   Telling you the truth.
Haircut Place              Low clearance overpass.
Handle                     CB alias or nickname.
Hammer/Hammer Down         Accelerator pedal or strong carrier.
Harvey Wallbanger          Reckless driver.
Helper                     Linear amplifier.
Holding Onto Your Mudflaps Driving right behind you.
Hole In The Wall           Tunnel
Horizontal                 Going to bed or horizontally polarized.
Home Twenty                Location of your home.
Honey Bear                 Female state trooper or highway patrol.
How About It?              Come back, say it, we're calling you.
In A Short                 Soon.
In A Short Short           Very soon.
Invitations                Police traffic citations and tickets.
Keep 'Em Between The ..
.. Ditches                 Have a safe trip.
Keep The Shiny Side Up ..
.. & The Greasy Side Down  Have a safe trip.
Kicker                     Linear amplifier.
Land Line                  Telephone.
Linear                     Illegal transmission power amplifier.
Little Box                 Mobile linear amplifier.
Local Yokel/Smokel         Local or city police.
Looking Thataway           Looking for a police/highway patrol report.
Loose Board-Walk           Bumpy road.
Making The Trip            You're transmitting okay, I can hear you.
Mama Bear                  Police woman.
Marijuana Taxi             Fully outfitted police cruiser.
Marker                     Mile marker - milepost on the highway.
May Day                    International emergency distress call.
Mercy Sakes                Wow!
Modjitating                Talking.
Motor Motor                Travel.
Motion Lotion              Diesel gasoline.
Mud                        Coffee
Nap Trap                   Rest area or motel.
Negatory                   No.
Nickel Channel             Channel 5.
On The Peg                 Legal speed limit.
On The Side                Finished talking but will be monitoring.
Over Your Shoulder         Behind you.
Over                       Transmission over, your turn.
Patch                      Town.
Peanut Butter In The Ears  Somebody who can't hear too good.
Peanut Whistle             Low power station or station without linear.
Pedal To The Metal         Accelerator floored.
Plain Wrapper              An unmarked police car.
Picture Taker/Pictures     Rader.
Pictures                   Radar.
Porcupine                  Mobile with several antennas.
Portable Chicken Coop      Dept of Transportation mobile weigh station.
Pokey                      Jail
Portable Parking Lot       Auto carrier.
Portable Stockyard         Cattle truck.
Post                       Mile marker.
Pounds                     Watts or notches on the signal meter.
Pull The Plug/Big Switch   Turn off the radio and go off the air.
Put An Eyeball On You      See you in person.
Put My Teeth Up For ..     Turn the radio off for the day.
.. The Night
QSL Card                   Postcard acknowledging conversation on radio.
Radio Check                Request to know if and how radio is working.
Ratchet Jaw                One who talks excessively on the radio.
Reading The Mail           Listening to the channel.
Rest 'Em Up Stop           Rest stop.
Rig                        CB radio or vehicle.
Rock                       Radio crystal.
Rocking Chair              A truck somewhere between the first and last
                           trick in a convoy or line.
Roger Roller-Skate         A four-wheeler going quickly in and out between
                           different trucks.
Roller-Skater              A small car such as a compact or import.
Rolling Roadblock          Vehicle going under the specified speed limit
                           and holding up traffic.
S-Meter                    Incoming radio signal strength meter.
S-Unit                     S-meter reading increment.
Shoes                      Linear amplifier.
Sailboat Fuel              Running on an empty gas tank or having no load
                           in the trailer.
Seeing Eye Dog             Police or highway patrol radar detector.
Seat Covers                Passengers, usually female.
Shake The Trees And ..     Lead vehicle watch ahead and rear vehicle watch
.. Rake Leaves
                           behind in a group of vehicles with CB contact.
Show-Off Lane              Left-most lane of highway.
Skating Rink               Slippery road.
Skip Land                  Any place farther than 60 miles away.
Skip Talker                A CB'er who talks long distances.
Slider                     Device which can be placed on a radio to give
                           it the ability to get in between channels or
                           out of the legal CB band.
Smokey The Bear            Police officer or highway patrolman.
Smokey's Got Ears          Police/highway patrol with a CB radio.
Sounding Choice            Have a good sounding signal.
Smoke On It                Go ahead and start talking.
Squawk Box                 CB radio.
Suicide Sleeper            Truck with sleeper over cab.
Super Skate                Sports car.
Sweet Thing                Lady.
Taking Pictures            Police or highway patrol using radar.
Ten Four                   Yes.
Thermos Bottle             Tank truck.
Three 3's/73's             Good luck and best wishes.
Tiajuana Taxi              Highway patrol car with lights and sirens.
Train Station              Court with high guilty rate.
Two Wheeler                Motorcycle or bicycle.
Truck 'Em Easy             Drive easy and careful.
Twins                      Dual antennas.
Twister                    Highway interchange.
TVI                        Television interference.
Vertical                   Vertical ground plane antenna.
Vertical Side              Vertical polarization.
Walking On/All Over You    Another station is transmitting over you.
Walking Tall               Good sounding signal and powerful transmit.
Wall To Wall, Treetop Tall Loud and clear signal.
Wall To Wall Bears         Lots of highway patrolmen/police.
Weight Watcher             Mobile truck weighing station.
What Am I Putting On You?  How many pounds am I hitting you with?
Willy Weaver               Drunken driver.
X-Band                     Radar frequency police and highway patrol use.
X-Ray Machine              Radar gun.
Yeah Four                  Ten Four, Yes.


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