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Auto Racing Frequencies

       Here's a list of frequencies compiled from several sources.  The ones
with "TRUE" at the end are the ones I've confirmed at a racetrack as "in use".
If you have any frequencies, send them to me so I can try to keep this list up
to date.  (If you know of any frequencies no longer in use, let me know of
those also.)  Send additions, corrections, comments, questions, sane or insane
remarks to: RIS-Keith Patti, 76347,3064.
A.J. Foyt,456.9125
AAR GTO/PPG Pace Cars,464.5500
AAR GTU,466.5625
Al Unser Jr.,469.0625
Al Unser Sr.,469.8250
Alan Kulwicki,461.1500
Arie Lywendyk,472.7875
Arie Lywendyk,853.5000
Bayside Porsche,456.7125,TRUE
Bayside Porsche,456.7625,TRUE
Bayside Porsche,456.8125,TRUE
Bayside Porsche,456.8625,TRUE
Bayside Porsche,464.5125,TRUE
Benny Parsons,467.1620
Bill Elliott,853.5000
Bill Whittington,462.5750
Billy Hagan,461.8750
Bob Akin,464.8250
Bob Sharp Rcg.,457.5250,TRUE
Bobby Hillin Jr.,856.8000
Bobby Rahal,467.7500
Brad Noffsinger,461.5250
Brainerd Int'l Raceway,151.8950
Brett Bodine,460.9875
Brumos Rcg.,461.5500
Brumos Rcg.,469.5500
Buddy Arrington,464.0750
Buddy Baker,461.7000
Buddy Baker,466.7000
Buzz McCall,466.5875
Cale Yarborough,464.6000
CART ,486.2250
CART F1,464.6250
CART F2,464.7500
CART F3,464.5500
CART F4,464.5000
Central Fla. SCCA,467.7250
Charles Morgan,466.5370
Chuck Kendall,466.7125
Clay Young,461.3625
CRA A,156.4250
Craig Carter,460.9625
Craig Carter,460.9875
Dale Earnhardt,469.0125
Dale Jarrett,464.7000
Danny Sullivan,856.9250
Darrell Waltrip,851.5750
Dave Jolly,461.4375
Dave Marcis,467.8250
Dave Psachie,469.5500
Davey Allison,457.6000
David Sosobee,464.5625
Daytona Int'l Speedway/Alabama Int'l Speedway,464.7750,TRUE
Daytona Int'l Speedway/Alabama Int'l Speedway,469.7750,TRUE
Derek Daly,460.9875
Derrike Cope,464.0250
Dick Simon,467.7250
Dingman Bros.,464.0250
Dingman Bros.,469.0250
Don Whittington,462.6250
Dover Int. Speedway,151.8950
Dyson Rcg.,467.0125,TRUE
Ed Pimm,464.4260
Eddie Bierschwale,462.6750
Electramotive Nissan,462.1375,TRUE
Electramotive Nissan,464.6750,TRUE
Emerson Fittipaldi,462.2625
Ernie Irvan,466.6500
ESPN Cameras,461.3125
ESPN Car Mic,152.9600
ESPN Satellite Feed,466.6500
Fletcher Rcg.,464.7250
Galles Racing,467.8125
Galles Racing,469.0625
Gelhausen Rcg./Patrick Rcg.,464.7000
Geoff Bodine,851.5000
Goodyear Blimp,132.0000
Goodyear Blimp,161.6400
Group 44,464.5750
Harry Gant,461.6875
Hendrick Rcg.,463.6500
Holbert Rcg.,467.8000
Howdy Holmes,463.5000
IMSA ,466.0125,TRUE
IMSA Ch. 1,154.5400
IMSA Ch. 2,154.5700
IMSA Ch. 3,154.6000,TRUE
IMSA?/Track service,464.2250,TRUE
Irv Hoerr,154.4500
Irv Hoerr,154.6500
Jim Downing,468.2125,TRUE
Jim Downing,468.2175
Jim Downing,468.2375,TRUE
Jimmy Horton,463.4375
Jimmy Means,467.9250
Jody Ridley,469.5500
Joe Booher,469.9750
Joe Ruttman,468.9375
John Andretti,465.7875
Josele Garza,464.3250
Junior Johnson Rcg.,462.1500
Junior Johnson Rcg.,463.7000
Kalagian Rcg.,464.3375,TRUE
Ken Bouchard,468.5125
Ken Ragan,461.8250
Ken Schrader,856.9250
Kevin Cogan,472.1375
Kraco Racing,462.1375
Kraco Racing,468.5375
Kraco Rcg.,461.5750
Kraco Rcg.,461.6500
Kyle Petty,863.6125
Lake Speed,859.8250
Larry Pearson,452.6000
Lee Rcg.,467.9125
Lime Rock,151.9850
Longhorn Rcg.,464.4625
Longhorn Rcg.,464.4875
Ludwig Heimrath Jr.,472.7875
Luv Machine Racing Team,464.8500
M.C. Anderson,462.7000
Machinist Union,461.6500
Malibu GP,466.7375
Mario Antretti,468.3625
Mark Martin,468.5625
McLaren Eng.,457.5750,TRUE
McLaren Eng.,457.6000
Michael Andretti,462.1375
Mickey Gibbs,467.1375
Mickey Thompson Ch. 2,151.6950
Mike Alexander,451.9000
Mike Meyer,468.9125
Mike Meyer,468.9375
Mike Waltrip,466.3000
Morgan Shepherd,466.2000
Motor Racing Network,454.0000
Motor Racing Network,472.4000
NASCAR Ch.1(MAIN)/Glen Region SCCA,464.5000,TRUE
NASCAR Ch.2,464.7750,TRUE
NASCAR Ch.3/Jim Downing/Daytona Int'l Speedway,464.9000,TRUE
NASCAR Ch.4,469.5000
NASCAR Ch.5,462.0250
NASCAR Ch.6,467.0250
NASCAR Ch.8 Scoring,467.8000
NASCAR/Wood Bros./Darlington Raceway,469.5000
Neil Bonnett,468.9750
Newman-Haas Racing,464.9250
Newman-Haas Racing,472.7125
Newman-Haas Racing,472.8875,TRUE
Newman-Hass Racing,468.3625
Old Dominion Speedway,462.6750
Old Dominion Speedway,467.6750
Pancho Carter,472.8875
Patrick Racing,469.5375
Patrick Racing,474.5500,TRUE
Patrick Racing,483.8625
Patrick Rcg.,464.7500
Penske Rcg.,452.7750,TRUE
Penske Rcg.,461.0250
Penske Rcg.,469.8250,TRUE
Performance Motorsports,468.3125,TRUE
Pete Halsmer,464.2375,TRUE
Pete Halsmer,464.2375
Phil Parsons,468.7750
Pocono Raceway/Islip Speedway,35.1800
Porsche Motorsports,453.2750,TRUE
Porsche Motorsports,855.5250
Provimi Rcg.,483.8125
Provimi Rcg.,484.1500
Randy Lewis,466.5875
Raul Poesel,468.6625
Raymond Beadle,463.9000
Raynor Motorsports,462.5375
Rich Mears,856.8000
Richard Petty,464.8000
Rick Wilson,464.3000
Ricky Rudd,468.4875
Riverside Int'l Raceway,154.1800
Riverside Int'l Raceway,464.1500
Road America,464.3750
Road America,464.5250
Road America,469.5250
Road America,486.1250
Roberto Guerrero,471.4125
Rusty Wallace,465.7875
S.F. Region SCCA/Mickey Thompson CH 1/AMA/NHRA/USAC,151.6250
Score Rcg.,469.8125
Skoal Bandit,461.9750,TRUE
Spike Gelhausen,461.1500
Stadium Motorsports,151.7600
Stadium Motorsports/AMA,151.9250
Stadium Motorsports/Int'l Rraceways (Wash.)/SCRAMP,151.9550
Sterling Martin,461.8750
Team Highball,468.3375,TRUE
Teo Fabi,855.5250
Terry Labonte,855.5250
Tom Sneva,464.6500
Tommy Houston Rcg.,461.0125
Tommy Riggins,463.7250
Truesports Co.,468.2500
Truesports Co.,468.5500
Vince Granatelli Racing,474.4125
Wayne Baker,461.2375
Wisc. State Fair Park,154.9650
       In general, track frequencies usually stay the same from year to
year.  Team frequencies seem to change almost every year.  This form of
"spectating" (using a scanner at a race) is becoming more popular so, look
for other spectators with scanners at the track and ask them for the
frequencies you need.  Don't bother officials or corner workers (unless you
know them personally) as their "two-way" radios don't usually have the
frequencies displayed, like most scanners do, and it's extremely unlikely
that these people would know the frequencies they're using.
       When using a scanner, one must always remember they're listening in
on _PRIVATE_ communications.  Although the FCC allows us to listen to these
transmissions, all we can do is listen.  It is _illegal_ to act on information
received in this manner.  This includes repeating, recording or reporting
anything you've heard.
       I use a scanner at almost every race I go to.  Many times I have to
"bite my tongue" because I've heard an interesting tidbit on the radio but,
I can't use it in my reports.  Although the communications are private, the
frequencies are public knowledge, so it's not illegal to give out frequencies.
       If you are planning to buy a scanner, be sure it has the capability to
search through a range of frequencies.  Most of the better scanners have this
capability.  With this feature, you'll be able to find new frequencies,
without having to rely on a list.
       The latest thing in racing radios is the 800 mHz band.  At this time,
only the more expensive scanners have this band.  You can usually determine
the frequency band the antenna.  The _shorter_ antennas are the _higher_
frequencies.  For example, an 800 mHz radio's antenna is usually only two or
three inches long.  A longer antenna (4-8 inches) would be for 400 mHz, which
most scanners can receive.  The longer (more than one foot) antennas would be
for either 150 mHz or CB (28 mHz).  All frequencies above 30 mHz are FM, below
30 mHz is usually AM.  Most scanners won't receive below 30 mHz.
       Some states have laws against using a scanner in a vehicle unless
you're a member of a police or fire department, or have a permit.  If you want
to use your scanner in your car, check on the local laws.

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