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TUCoPS :: Radio :: boston.txt

Boston, MA EMS and State Frequencies

State of Massachusetts,PD,42.44,SP Ch. 1 Statewide  *
State of Massachusetts,PD,42.34,SP Ch. 2 Eastern MA *
State of Massachusetts,PD,42.54,SP Ch. 5 HQ *
State of Massachusetts,PD,44.74,SP Admin and Zulu
State of Massachusetts,PD,453.85,SP Mobile Cmd. van
BAPERN,IP,470.7875,BAPERN 3 intercity *
BAPERN,IP,470.5625,BAPERN 4 intercity
State of Massachusetts,PD,158.97,Eastern MA intercity *
State of Massachusetts,PD,155.475,National intercity
Metrofire,IF,483.3125,Metrofire *
State of Massachusetts,GOV,151.205,Forestry fire
State of Massachusetts,GOV,151.145,Forestry fire Statewide *
Boston,FD,483.1625,Boston Fire *
,,463.55,Boston Sparks assn.
State of Massachusetts,GOV,453.95,DEQE
State of Massachusetts,PW,47.28,MA Public wks Charlestown
State of Massachusetts,PW,47.36,MA Public wks Arlington
State of Massachusetts,GOV,153.965,Civil Defense area 1
State of Massachusetts,GOV,155.955,Civil Defense statewide
State of Massachusetts,PD,154.92,SP Mobile rptr.
BAPERN,IP,470.4875,BAPERN 2 North
BAPERN,IP,470.7375,BAPERN 2 West
BAPERN,IP,470.9125,BAPERN 2 South
BAPERN,IP,471.7125,BAPERN Council ctl.
Boston,PD,460.35,BPD 1 Special events  *
Boston,PD,460.25,BPD 10 Command
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6625,MBTA Police
State of Massachusetts,GOV,471.1125,Suffolk DA
WCVB,RB,455.6125,WCVB News desk *
WCVB,RB,455.0875,WCVB ENG Ch. 2
WCVB,RB,455.2875,WCVB private Ch. 5
WBZ,RB,455.65,WBZ Sky Eye/Crime watch
WNEV,RB,450.6125,WNEV News desk
WEEI,RB,455.1125,CVS Samaritan vans
Metro Traffic Control,RB,464.55,Metro Traffic Control
Boston Herald,PRS,452.975,Herald city desk
State of Massachusetts,PW,159.18,Turnpike plows
State of Massachusetts,PD,159.03,SP Turnpike
Boston,MED,155.295,Boston Life Flight
Boston,MED,155.28,Boston CMED
Boston,MED,155.34,CMED/HEAR Ambulance calling
American Red Cross,GOV,47.42,Red Cross National
American Red Cross,GOV,47.58,Red Cross Boston
Boston,MED,463.075,MED 4 Ambulance calling
Boston,MED,463.175,MED 8 ALS/Surgical ctl
Boston,MED,462.975,TAC 10 BCH dispatch
American Red Cross,GOV,145.23,Red Cross 2M repeater
Boston Edison,PWR,158.16,Boston Edison
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6875,Blue line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6375,Green line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6125,Orange line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.4125,Red line
State of Massachusetts,PD,853.4875,State Medical Examiner
Boston,MED,155.04,Boston Life Flight dispach
Boston,MED,463.05,Med 3 amb-hosp
Boston Edison,PWR,153.5,Boston Edison underground
Boston Edison,PWR,153.56,Boston Edison underground 2
State of Massachusetts,PW,47.14,MA Public works Charlestown
State of Massachusetts,TRN,856.9625,Logan Fire
WEEI,RB,455.85,WEEI News
Boston,FD,483.1875,Boston fire ch. 2
Boston,FD,483.2125,Boston Fire ch. 3
Boston,FD,453.65,Boston fire pager  *
Boston,PD,460.5,Boston PD ch. D
Northeastern University,UNV,464.975,Northeastern PD
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6125,Orange Line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.4125,Red Line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6375,Green Line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,470.6875,Blue Line
Mass Bay Transport Authority,TRN,44.46,Maintenence/Engineering
Conrail,TRN,160.8,Amtrak Road
Conrail,TRN,161.07,Amtrak Yard
Conrail,TRN,161.295,Amtrak Police
State of Massachusetts,PD,856.7125,TAC 1/Central artery
State of Massachusetts,PD,857.7125,TAC 2/Operations
State of Massachusetts,PD,858.7125,TAC 3/alt operations
Boston,PD,853.5625,Boston SWAT ?
Natick,PD,472.7375,Natick Police
Natick,PD,154.205,Natick Fire
Natick,PD,39.32,Old Natick Police
Framingham,PD,471.7625,Framingham Police
Framingham,FD,483.7625,Framingham Fire
Wayland,FD,483.4125,Wayland Fire
Wellesley,FD,46.1,Wellesley Fire
Dover,FD,33.5,Dover Fire
Sherborn,FD,39.5,Sherborn Fire
Ashland,FD,484.3875,Ashland Fire
Medway,FD,33.54,Medway Fire
Holliston,FD,46.46,Holliston Fire
Milford,FD,46.46,Milford Fire
Hopkington,FD,46.46,Hopkington Fire
Wayland,PD,484.4375,Wayland Police
Wellesley,PD,471.4875,Wellesley  Police
Dover,PD,155.31,Dover Police
Sherborn,PD,39.68,Sherborn Police
Ashaland,PD,39.48,Ashland Police
Medway,PD,39.42,Medway Police
Holliston,PD,39.52,Holliston Police
Milford,PD,155.79,Milford Police
Hopkington,PD,39.42,Hopkington Police
Middlesex County,IP,39.38,South Middlesex Police net
Norfolk County,IP,39.42,Southwest Norfolk Police net
Middlesex County,IF,33.98,Natick area Fire net (14)
,,462.725,Metro Notification Net ***MUST
State of Massachusetts,GOV,143.6,Federal Emergency Mgmt. agency
Boston,MED,,NE Life Flight dispat

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