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Goodyear Blimp Frequency

                           GOODYEAR BLIMP FREQUENCIES                                                     --------------------------

                          By John (Topol) Johnson KWV8BP                                                                             
                          Source: Monitoring Times                           

  Here are a few frequencies you might want to monitor if you ever see one  

  of the Goodyear Blimps fly overhead. A couple quick notes first, there are 

  three Blimps in operation in North America a fourth is operated in Europe. 

  The American blimps are stationed at three locations, one on each coast    

  and one in-between. The Enterprise, tail number N1A, is based in Pompano   

  Beach, Florida: the America, tail number N3A, is based near Houston, Texas 

  and the Columbia, tail number N4A, is based in Los Angeles.              

  Each blimp is accompanied by a three vehicle ground fleet consisting of a  

  van, a tractor-trailer, and a Greyhound-like bus.                          


  The communications between the blimp and ground crew are normally held on  

  151.625 Mhz. The blimp also uses VHF aircraft band, communications can be  

  monitored here at 132.00 Mhz. AM. Below is a list of other frequencies used

  by the blimp.                                                              


  123.050       Common Blimp port frequency                                  

  123.250       Suffield (Ohio) Wingfoot Lake Facility                       

  132.000       Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company channel                       

  151.625       Blimp Operations NBFM                                        

  465.9125      Blimp Operations NBFM - Low Power                            

  465.9375      Blimp Operations NBFM - Low Power                            

  465.9625      Blimp Operations NBFM - Low Power                            


  For more information concerning the blimp or its operations, see the         
  August 89 issue of Monitoring Times.                                       

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